Health Care

Why you need health insurance cover

Life is unpredictable and medical bills can be overwhelming. The cover does not also help you settle bills but also assist in regular checkups. You might be ineligible for prescription assistance programs, or the services may not fully cover all the costs. All these dynamics necessitate the acquisition of a health insurance cover.

It is tempting to ignore health insurance after years without a scratch. The government has put in place mechanisms to sensitize the public on the need for medical covers. The objective of universal health care is only possible if all the people are insured. The senior citizens, low-income earners, and PLWD are given coupons and free medical services, but they may not be comprehensive.

The following are some of the reasons you need to enroll for health insurance.

a)    Preventive services

You have the opportunity to visit health institutions for regular checkups. You will also receive advice on how to keep the disease at bay. Some lifestyle diseases are preventable with advice from a physician. They will propose the best diet, exercise, and activities to keep fit.

As part of a preventive measure, you can seek medical attention after minor illnesses. Uninsured individuals are likely to try over-the-counter drugs for minor issues. Consequently, this puts them at greater risk of contracting fatal conditions from unattended minor illnesses.

b)    Early diagnosis

The primary cause of death from fatal conditions is late diagnosis. Some detrimental conditions like cancer are easier treated in the early stages. When you have a comprehensive cover, regular scans can identify tumorous cells, and they are treated before the condition gets out of hand. It is difficult to get an insurance provider willing to take you in the midst of a health crisis.

c)    Save on medical bills

You may never fully realize the economic benefits of an insurance cover until the moment all your bills are settled and you walk financially scot-free. The average inpatient cost for a day $10000. With such a rate, a condition that requires you to spend a month or two in the hospital can render you bankrupt.

After understanding the importance of a health cover, it is essential to know the factors to consider when deciding on the plan that fits you.

Factors to consider when choosing health cover

a)    Deductibles

This refers to the amount you have to settle before your insurance coverage takes effect. The amount varies from as low as $250 to the highs of $2000.  In most cases, low deductible means higher monthly premiums and vice versa. Therefore, your decision should be based on your health conditions, financial ability, and urgency of cover usage.

b)    Monthly or annual premiums

Premium refers to the amount of money you surrender to your cover provider each period. The amount is mostly dependent on the scope of the insurance. Comprehensive covers are likely to cost higher monthly premiums compared to basic insurance.

c)    The scope of the cover

Ask whether the insurance covers for checkups, severe conditions, and preventive consultations. You should pick a cover that covers most if not all medical bills.

For low-income earners, underinsured, and senior citizens, there are prescription assistance programs that can help settle medical charges. However, it is advisable to have health insurance.