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Why Should You Buy A Bidet Today

Given the choices for cleaning yourself in the toilet. The options are bidet toilet seats and toilet papers. It is baffling why others still chose the latter over the bidet toilet seats since it’s like saying ‘why should you buy a car when you have slippers?’

Toilet papers give off the illusion that it is cheaper and more practical. Compared to a confusing bidet toilet seat with a lot of buttons and a questionable cleaning method. A lot of the population still refuse to convert to a revolutionary toilet cleaning device.

But today, we are going to give you some points concerning the bidet toilet seats and give you grounded ideas in hopes of convincing you to buy a bidet toilet seat today.

It Is Way Cheaper

Yes, compared to toilet papers, a bidet is more expensive. But hear us out. A bidet toilet seat is more practical than its small counterpart that makes transactions throughout a lifetime. It is because you get to buy a bidet toilet seat just once. You might be oblivious to this, but the amount of toilet paper you buy throughout the year will be just as much as the cost of an advanced bidet toilet seat cover.

Buying a bidet toilet seat is just as expensive as wholesaling an entire year’s worth of toilet paper supply with the added benefit that you can use the bidet for years more to come. So yes, bidet toilet seats might be a bit expensive, but we can assure you that it is well worth it.

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It Cleans You Up

This is something that we really can’t help you with. Having trust issues over a device that is specifically made to clean you is not something we can provide answers too. But here are our 2 cents.

A bidet toilet seat is cleaner since you do not have to deal with the feces on your own. You might be used to the toilet paper since it is the tool that you grew up with. But cleaning yourself with toilet paper is way dirtier than you think.

You might not see it, but you are smearing the feces with the toilet paper. Wiping it until it is gone. This process takes about a lot of tissue paper and tries. Compared to the standard bidet toilet seat that the left-over feces off you might be surprised when you experience it the first time. Not to mention cleaning the garbage container which houses a whole days’ worth of shit-smeared tissue papers.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The last thing we are going to point out is the effects it has on nature. It is a known fact that toilet papers come from trees. With this thought in mind, did you know that about 600,000 trees are cut down annually to supply the toilet papers needed by a country?

Imagine the damage you are contributing to. Converting to a bidet toilet seat might have a small effect since switching to it takes a whole lot of convincing, but shifting gears and being open to other, better options helps and is a step closer to a brighter, cleaner and greener future.