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Why does your Marriage Need One more CHANCE!

Are you going through a difficult time in your marriage?

If you are, you might want to get back in time and check all those things that you did to get married to this person in the first place. You might have saved a huge amount of money to buy a beautiful engagement ring for her; you might have worked hard to buy him that Tuxedo for the wedding; you might have put in a lot of time and efforts to convince her family for the wedding; you might have adopted a pet for him. We don’t know what kind of efforts you have put in, but if you have done something in the past to keep this partner in your life, maybe it is time for you to consult someone before you call off this relationship.

All we mean to say is that your marriage deserves another chance. If you are not sure about it, we definitely are because you would not have been here. If the Universe has sent you here, to this article, maybe because you need to consult someone who is into couples counseling.

Why does your marriage need one more chance?

Because you have children! No doubt your children should not be the reason for you to stay together, but if you have had children with this person, you surely loved him or her at one point of time.

Because you would not have married this person in the first place if he or she was so wrong for you. If you got married to this man or woman, you loved him or her once and for the sake of that love, you need to give at least one more chance to your marriage.

Because you know you still have at least some feelings for this person.