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Whats the Ideal Size?

Many men think that what is the ideal size of penis or what is enough. Well, now that’s a subjective concept. If you have measured your penis recently and are quite upset with the measurements then you must understand that something is lagging behind which has made the penis size smaller and made you quite lethargic as far as sex is concerned. Do you feel down at times or feel that your confidence levels have moved down? Do you feel that because of smaller penis you have started suffering from low self esteem? Well, in that case it’s the time to find out certain natural ways that will help you to come out of the situation at the earliest.

How much larger?

Men feel that penis must be larger and they must work towards making it larger. But how larger and that’s the question. Experts at Cera Online, suggest that penis size should be apt that would make you thrilled and contended ‘uring the sexual intercourse. It must also leave your partner satisfied at the end of your ejaculation process. Holding erections for a longer span will definitely make the experience thrilling and amazing. Some experts also suggest that penis size must be 10 percent of the man’s height. Now this is very simple way of measuring.

How to Enlarge Penis Naturally

If you wish to have an enlarged penis then in that case you must use MaleExtra continually and perform penis enlargement modern exercises everyday. This will keep your penis and sexual zest young forever. Its true that erectile dysfunction can be due to tension, stress, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver diseases. But this condition can be reversed with certain exercises like jelqing and kegeling and along with MaleExtra. It is also vital that the patient for erectile dysfunction leads a healthy life by eating right and staying healthy with regular work out sessions.

How is MaleExtraUseful

MaleExtra is cent percent natural and one pill has 1500mg of completely beneficial and natural ingredients. With pomegranate 70 percent ellagic, L-Arginine, Maca and so many other useful natural ingredients libido is increased naturally and the sexual performance is awesome. This happens due to increased flow of blood towards the penis.

MaleExtra along with Kegeling and jelqing exercises can give amazing results. And this can make you a more confident and loving man. In jelqing the blood moves from the base of the penis to the tip of the penis. And thus the tissue holds more blood and looks enlarged and expanded. In kegeling the muscle is controlled that holds erection. Due to the control the erection is held for more time. It therefore allows the man to have erection or longer period and thus enjoy the thrill for more spans. It is found that men who perform these exercises along with MaleExtra tend to get the ideal penis within some time. It’s high time that men strive for larger penis. It’s not tough any more. Things are quite simple due to MaleExtra.