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What you should know about Worker Health and Safety

The Department of Energy in the US would administer research programs along with monitoring various kinds of activities of both international and domestic nature. It would support the promotion and protection of the overall health of the DOE workers, their families, people residing in nearby communities, and those who have been affected as the result of nuclear weapons testing, accidents, and use.

The domestic activities have been inclusive of studies of workplace exposure, responding to radiation accidents, and disease outbreaks. They would also be required to address the important research required for essential occupational exposures. The international health studies along with activities have been supporting the safety and health mission of the DOE. They would provide the DOE with the latest information and knowledge about the human response for ionizing the radiation along with other industrial exposures that workers encounter in the workplace and in the communities both domestic and international.

Integrated safety management (ISM)

The energy workers compensation program of the Department along with its contractors would remain strongly committed to the Integrated Safety Management, also known as ISM. The aim of ISM would be to perform work in a relatively safe and environmentally-sound manner. The Department along with the contractors should systematically integrate safety in the management and work practices at all kinds of levels. It would be done to ensure various missions were accomplished while protecting the worker, the public, and the overall environment. It would be accomplished through safety integration of safety management into all aspects of work planning along with execution.

Voluntary protection program

The voluntary protection program or VPP of the DOE would look forward to promoting health and safety excellence through cooperative efforts amongst management, labor, and government at DOE contractor sites.

It would not be wrong to suggest that DOE has formed various kinds of partnerships along with other Federal agencies. They would also be formed with various private sector agencies for both sharing and advancing the Voluntary Protection Program. They would share the experiences and prepare them for various challenges the program would face in the coming times.

The health and safety of contractor along with the federal employee have been deemed as a high priority for the Department.

Worker health and safety

It would establish the expectations of the Department for worker health and safety through the development of rules, guidance, and directives. They would also make sure that workers have been protected from various kinds of hazards associated with the DOE sites and operations.

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