What To Do With A Degree In Communications

Majors in Communications study and perfect the skill of transmitting information both on personal and group levels. They learn the unique tactics and efficient ways of communicating in organizations. Hence, apart from writing perfectly, you should know the best way to speak persuasively and convince people at the time you graduate with your Communication’s Degree. You will also learn interpersonal, critical thinking and time management skills. Furthermore, you will know how to collect information and present it in detail whether you work independently or as a group member.

The course prepares you for many occupations. Although most Communication Degree Majors opt to work in advertising, film, music, public relations, television, mass communication, journalism and mass communication, and media, there exist a wide range of job opportunities for these graduates including the following ten jobs.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers’ job descriptions entail assessing the demand for their firm’s products and researching for markets hence helping to decide the where to whom and how to sell the same products. They work in hand with sales and public relations personnel. You can only do this if you possess good interpersonal abilities. These roles also suit workers who can collect information and distribute it well.

Even Planner

Convention and Meeting Planners often referred to as Event Planners ensure smooth flow of occasions. Their job requires selecting sites, hiring vendors and organizing for transport and accommodation of the attendees. In addition to good interpersonal and communication skills, you will qualify for this job if you can manage time and focus on details.


Lobbyists act as communicators.  Even though some lobbyists volunteer, most of them earn for persuading legislators to defend their interest groups. Luckily, a University of Phoenix

 Communications Degree equips you with skills vital for this job. However, you must study and understand legislative procedures. You could minor in Political science, serve as an intern, or volunteer for legislative firms and lobbying organizations in order to perfectly fit for this career.

Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives often work for companies, government agencies, manufacturers or wholesalers. Theirs is convincing clients on the benefits of selling their commodities. They must demonstrate how their products can boost a business’ profits and help them realize their goals. Hence, you should know how to write and speak convincingly while enhancing your interpersonal skills.

Advertising Sales Rep

An Advertising Sales Representative sells time through Radio & TV programming. They also sell space in newspapers, magazines, websites and outdoor media in general. Such personnel must exercise their communication skills by convincing organizations that in advertising using their media, they will manage to access many customers.

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources experts hire and retain employees in organizations. Their duties entail recruiting, interviewing and hiring employees while responding to the letters’ queries. They also check the applicants’ backgrounds and keep their records thus utilizing their dialogue and interpersonal skills.


These individuals engage in making movies, stage productions, TV shows, computer software and video games. They organize people while managing schedules and budgets. You will appreciate the skills you acquired during your degree while working with people as a producer.


Attorneys advise their clients regarding civil, legal and criminal cases. In addition, they stand for these clients during court proceedings. Great Attorneys speak and write excellently. They also gather information perfectly. Luckily, your undergraduate Degree in Communication from the University of Phoenix gives you all these skills. Then, you can proceed to a law school for as long as you have undergone an Undergraduate Degree course in any field of your interest.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers transmit information via electronic and print media while incorporating visual elements. Your communication’s degree will teach you about the best way of using words to pass information. This implies that you only need to train technically in graphic design in order to work effectively as a graphic designer without throwing away your communication’s degree.

Management Consultant

Companies and organizations interested in their efficiency and profitability often hire management consultants. The second one works for firms or as independent individuals with a mission of enhancing efficiency and increasing profits. In order to benefit from this career, you must display top-class interpersonal, communication and time management skills emphasized in schools of Communication.