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What should we do when the tooth is completely decayed?

The treatment of repair and saving a tooth which is completely decayed and infected is termed as “Root Canals”. During the treatment the central part of the tooth containing the soft area called the pulp and the nerves are properly removed without causing any damage to the other areas, are cleaned and then again everything is back to its normal positions. This treatment is carried out by a professional dentist in its clinic.

This treatment involves step-by-step process:

  • Firstly, an X-ray of that area in the mouth is taken to analyse the shape and size of the root canals. This will help the dentist understand weather any sort of infection is seen in the bones
  • Then the dentist gives the patient anaesthesia which helps to numb the surroundings of the tooth
  • After that a small hole is drilled inside the tooth
  • The decayed area of the nerve, the pulp and debris all are removed
  • The process of cleaning is carried out
  • Sodium hypochlorite is given in the mouth to remove the debris
  • In the next visit the dentist will fill the centre of the tooth and seal it completely
  • Lastly, the crown in restored

After the treatment is completed for some days the tooth will feel numb and sensitive. This is because of the infection that was in the tooth before the root canal was processed. If the pain is out of control then the dentists provide with medicines such as naproxen, ibuprofen etc.

The treatment of root canal is a sure sort successful process to get back a good set of teeth. The treatment cost may vary depending upon the injury caused by the bacteria. It is beneficial to take good care of the natural teeth. The natural teeth help people to eat a lot of foods which is not possible after the root canal treatment.