What kind of filtration does the Berkey brand use?

Our water has undergone too many contaminations in recent times. Since the industrial age, the contaminants have even gotten worse and more serious. With studies showing that contamination now has the power to cause memory issues and problems with learning, many people have now started to take the issue of contamination serious by getting themselves filtration systems. One brand has stepped ahead of the rest when it comes to making filtration systems. That brand is none other than the Berkey brand or better yet, the Berkey filtration system.

The rise of the Berkey brand has caused many to wonder just what kind of filtration method used by the Berkey filter systems. Let us take a look at the methods which they use to make their systems what it is today;


The first thing you need to know about their filtration process is the fact that the Berkey brand stands alone and is not connected to the plumbing work. This is a major departure from other types of filter systems. Most of the Berkey filter systems can easily be placed on the counter in the kitchen. To start the process of filtration, all you need to do is to pour water into the system from the top. The filtration uses the power of gravity to make sure that the water is being pulled into the filtration media.

This method of filtration is unique and comes with so many advantages. Some of them would include;

  • The need for an installation process is removed as it can easily serve in the kitchen or wherever you place the filtration system.
  • Without the need for installation removes the pain of having some holes drilled into your counters.
  • Everything is so easier to clean and just makes things easy to maintain also.

The only disadvantage of this would need to manually add water to the container anytime that it is finished.

Most of the systems which are produced by Berkey would make use of the black Berkey filters which are largely considered to be the standard in their filter systems. They would usually come with at least two of these. The principle behind this is that the more you add filters to the container, the more gallons of water that can be treated in a very short period.


To help with the dangers of fluorides in water and other arsenic issues which water comes with, most Berkey systems also come with removal filters made specifically for fluoride and arsenic removal. This, together with the regular filters, could be used in a pair and would form four filters.

The filtration media which is used is usually made up of various materials. These materials are joined together in a very tough stance, which is often matrix-like. Once the water passes through the materials, the microscopic substances would immediately become stuck in the material. The substances would usually contain various contaminants such as herbicides, bacteria, and so much more.

After this, the act of adsorption and absorption would take place to make sure that all other bacteria which went free from the first would be caught. Most of these substances would usually be smaller than the first substances. An ion exchange process which is present in the filtration media would make sure that the more dangerous materials such as lead and mercury would be eliminated.

The best part about the use of these filters is that they can last for quite a while. Studies have shown them to last for about 12000 gallons before you would need to change them. The standard filters are also usually used in conjunction with the arsenic and fluoride filters to make sure that all traces of these substances are eliminated.

It is important to note that the removal of the arsenic materials are quite hard, and there would most times be limited success.


Knowing the filtration process for the Berkey filtration systems should strengthen your faith in their filter system. Getting them from USA Berkey Filters is a great option if you are eager to try them out for the first time. You would be ensuring the sanctity of your health.

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