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What is the significance of sonography test?

Sonography test is that diagnostic imaging procedure which is carried out through ultrasound waves. When the waves are passed, the internal organs may be visualized on the screen where the images are saved for reference. The doctor can see the subcutaneous body structure which includes the blood vessels, joints, the muscles and tendons. The test report can state the condition of internal organs. It is done on the region where the person experiences pain, discomfort or swelling. Ultrasound has to be performed on a regular basis during pregnancy to detect the growth and development of the fetus or whether everything is normal or not. It may clearly reveal the condition or abnormality relating to pregnancy. The test must be scheduled in the diagnostic center today if you have been asked by the gynecologist to do so.

Preparing for the test

Before the expert carries out the test, you have to make certain preparations. It is necessary to carry the doctor’s prescription to the place. On the basis of the preparation only the instruction will be given. If you have any previous report of sonography, you need to bring that too. Pregnancy ultrasound is that test where there is the use of sound waves of high frequency. It helps to image the fetus developing in the womb. It also helps to image the reproductive organs of the expecting mother. The number of ultrasound you are prescribed varies. Since each pregnancy case is different, the doctor will prescribe you the test on the basis of your state. Also known as sonogram, it may help in monitoring the usual growth and development of fetus. The test may screen the problems, if any.

Why is ultrasound test necessary to take during pregnancy?

The doctor prescribes an ultrasound for various reasons. If there is any problem showing up in the previous report of blood test, the doctor prescribes ultrasound test. Then, it is also done for several non-medical reasons. One of the prominent reasons is to know the gender of the fetus. Many times parents are too curious to learn about the gender of the fetus. The test is absolutely safe for fetus and the mother. There isn’t any associated risk in the process. But, it is discouraged when there is no reason to take the test or if there is not medical reason. If it is the first trimester of pregnancy, the test is done to confirm pregnancy or to check the heartbeat of fetus, and indeed, there are several other reasons. The test is done to find the gestation age of fetus. It is vital and also helps in diagnosing ectopic pregnancy. It also helps in detecting any abnormal growth and development of fetus.

How safe is the test?

USG abdomen is safe and is carried out by experienced technician. Sonography is harmless and painless. Prior to ultrasound, you will be asked to avoid eating or drinking. A radiologist gives the detailed reading. The information gathered from the radiologist is then transferred to the doctor. The images need to be clear and only then accurate reading can be done. If there is need for detailed imaging, advanced ultrasound technique will be used. Routine abdominal testing is required if one is pregnant.

You will be prescribed a series of tests when you are pregnant. The blood test will also be prescribed where the blood sample will be sent to blood test lab for reading.

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