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What is Hemp and ituses

What is Hemp?

Hemp includes many different varieties of Cannabis containing a negligible amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical that is responsible for producing “high” state. Hemp is the non-drug, industrial variant of Cannabis that is cultivated for its seeds, hurd, and fiber.

What are its uses?


  • The Seeds


The seeds of the plant are used mainly in dietary products. The seeds are used in a some ways, they can be added to meal and milk, used as protein powder, or can be eaten raw. The seeds can be used to make oil. We the people hemps eed oil is used as salad dressing, ink, and paint. It is an essential ingredient in many body care products. 


  • Fiber


When carefully harvested, the bastfiber can be stronger than steel. The fiber and the stalk are used in construction material, paper, clothing and many more. The stalk of the hemp is used in several different ways. Other common applications include bags, apparels, netting, rope, carpet, and canvas.

The Hurd

Hurd, the woody core is the soft core of the stem of the plant. It is rich in cellulose with great acoustic and thermal properties. As unrefined and untreated chunk, the hurd of hemp can be beneficial in everyday and industrial products like paper, insulation, and cement.

In the form of pulp, the hurd is useful in making biodegradable plastic, which can be easily recycled.The hurdis also used as a substitute to concrete for the construction of buildings. The Hemp concrete or hempcrete is gaining popularity due to its windproof, low carbon footprints and insulating properties.