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What is diaper rash? What are the home remedies and how to protect our babies from this?

Diaper rashes are very common in toddlers and no matter how careful you are sooner or later most of the kids get affected by this. So it is really important first we should understand why it happens and what are the possible ways through which we can protect our babies.

So here we will discuss everything step by step such as what are the causes of diaper rash? What are the steps we should take so that it won’t affect our babies? what should be the course of action if the baby is already suffering from the diaper rash. And when is the time you should see a doctor so that situation won’t get worse? If you follow all the steps correctly chances we won’t have to deal with diaper rash anymore. 

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Causes of Diaper Rash

  1. Yeast infection:- These can happen of two reasons first if the diaper is wet for too long then it can create a bacterial infection or mother had many antibiotics during labor.
  2.  Due to chaffing:-  These types of rashes can be easily identified because these are found nearby thighs and buttocks.
  3.  Diarrhea:- This is a very common cause of diaper rash in babies. During diarrhea, diapers are changed very frequently and this leads to moisture inside. And watery stool is acidic in nature so chances of rash are very high in this case.
  4. Allergic to diapers:- If you are not finding any specific reason probably this could be allergy due to diaper itself. Now it could be because of a low-quality diaper or your baby is allergic to the diaper.

Simple steps which you need to take to avoid the diaper rash

  1. Never leave the wet diaper too long as this is also a very common reason for the rash.
  2. Chaffing also causes rashes so it is important to use some kind of ointment or oil in the thighs and area near the buttocks.
  3. In case of diarrhea try baby leave in an open air rather than changing the diaper again and again. Because if the moist left inside the diaper it has a high number of chances of rash.
  4. Always buy a branded and high quality of diaper because low qualities have a high amount of chemicals which can cause allergy to your baby.


What should be done if the baby already suffering from the diaper rash

Prevention is better than cure but sometimes no matter how many preventions you have taken still your baby gets rash. At the initial stage, you don’t need to see a doctor either you can go for the home remedies for diaper rash or diaper rash cream. Home remedies are also very effective if action is taken on the time it takes only a week to fully recover in mild cases.

If you tried everything and nothing is working then it is a time to see the doctor. Moms are the best to judge so even before trying any of the above solutions you think rashes that it would be too late to see the doctors. Then don’t waste your time on trying any of the homes remedies sometimes it could be allergy which does not respond to any of the given solutions. These are only when it problem either at the initial or mild stage for severe cases it is highly recommended to approach your provider.

Bottom Line

Once your baby is affected with diaper rash take immediate action first start with some home remedies or you can go for some soothing lotions. But these solutions will work only if the rash is at the initial or mild stage. Once it becomes severe it best to reach the doctor rather than make it worse.