What Are The Effective Remedies Of Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are an eye condition that occurs when the eyes do not produce the right quality of tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly. There is no single specific cause that produces dry eye syndrome, and, most of the time, it is due to a sum of factors that lead to dry eyes.

Although it is not a problem that compromises vision, in the most severe cases, dry eye can become very annoying, causing poor quality of life in patients.

Dry eye syndrome is an alteration that occurs on the surface of the conjunctiva and cornea due to insufficient tear production, or because it is of poor quality.

Although there is no definitive cure, today, we present you the dry eye causes, symptoms, treatment that help control this eye condition.

Preventive Factors

The problems in the production of tears and, therefore, the appearance of dry eyes can be reduced through preventive measures such as: reducing the dryness of the environment in which we usually find a humidifier, eliminating or limiting the use of lenses of contact, eating a diet rich in Omega 3 or trying to blink when we are in front of the computer voluntarily.

Dry Eye Treatments

In addition to trying to eliminate aggravating factors, the most common treatments are:

  • Hydrate the cornea using artificial tears in different concentrations and with different components. These drugs replace the tears that the patient produces in less quantity.
  • Treatments that stimulate tear production (secretagogues), others are anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and biological substitutes.
  • The most serious cases usually require surgical treatment using tarsorrhaphy, occlusion of lacrimal points or amniotic membrane transplantation.

More innovative treatments have recently been developed and perfected. These are the main ones:

  • Biocompatible eye drops: It is especially indicated for the treatment of the severe dry eye. It uses resources from the affected person’s own body, thus reducing the risk of rejection.
  • New drugs: New pharmaceutical products are also being marketed that have proven to be very effective.

Although dry eye is certainly an annoying ailment, most of the time, it disappears almost spontaneously or with a simple treatment (eye drops or artificial tears).

However, this ailment can be dangerous if it is not treated on time, since even in the most severe cases, it is easily controlled with the appropriate medications. Hence, the importance of going to the specialist as soon as we notice the first symptoms so that the most appropriate treatment is recommended.