What are the Different Types of Bariatric Surgery?

The bariatric surgery is a type of procedure used to lose weight when normal kinds of weight loss methods like exercise and diet does not work. Your doctor would suggest a bariatric surgery considering your medical conditions. There are mainly two kinds of procedures – the malabsorptive and the restrictive kind and sometimes a combination of the two. Malabsorptive procedures usually results in more weight loss compared to the restrictive procedures which are provided by bariatric surgery in Las Vegas.

Types of bariatric surgery

The Malabsorptive procedure

This procedure is done to change the way the digestive system works. The food will be routed away from a large part of the stomach and to the small intestine making it absorb only a small number of calories and nutrients. In some procedures, parts of the stomach might also be removed. They are generally called the gastric bypass surgery.

The Restrictive procedure

This is one of the different types of bariatric surgery procedure reduces the size of the stomach so that it does not hold much food. The digestive system is not altered and is kept. This procedure is usually known as the gastric stapling surgery.

What are the different types of bariatric surgeries?

  • Gastric banding

It is also known as the lap band procedure and is used to reduce the size of the stomach and this will help in the loss of weight.

  • Gastric bypass

This surgical procedure is mainly done for obese people by altering the functions of their digestive. It involves in the reduction of the size of the stomach and also making a bypass to the small intestine to restrict food consumption and the absorption of nutrients.

  • Sleeve gastrectomy

This is the newest form of bariatric surgery. It is also known as the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. This procedure was first known as the first step of a complicated procedure, the duodenal switch. The sleeve gastrectomy is found to very good as it can result in about 50-60% of weight loss within a year. This includes a proper diet and does not need any further intervention.

The sleeve gastrectomy has many advantages as it does not require any adjustments like the Lap band and also you can convert it to the other types of bariatric surgery like the lap band or gastric bypass, if necessary. This is considered if the sleeve method does not seem to work.

When you consider getting a bariatric surgery in Las Vegas make sure to get the right information from your doctor on the best type of bariatric surgery for you.