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Well Ordered Cleaning Steps for Nursing Bag

With the filth involved in nursing, nursing bags can convey germs — so how do we prevent them from spreading?

Note: Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before beginning this procedure to abstain from defiling surfaces you have just cleaned.

  1. 1. Pick Your Surface – Before starting, locate a hard, nonporous surface that you can sanitize (which means, not a wood surface). In the wake of finishing step number two, you would then be able to put your nursing bag and its substance onto the surface.
  2. Clean the Area – After you’ve staked out your spot, completely clean the surface, and enable the disinfectant to sit or dry for everything of time prescribed by the maker.
  3. Evacuate All Contents – Take each thing out of your nursing bag and set it on a cleaned surface. Flip around the sack and shake it to remove anything stuck in the base. Assess everything and ensure no things have passed their expiry dates.
  4. Assess the Bag – Check the bag to ensure it hasn’t been dirty and that it has no splits, tears, or different indications of wear. If it does, you need to change the nursing bag — you don’t need it to harm you amid a visit.
  5. Wipe Down the Interior – Put on another pair of gloves to keep your hand from moving any contaminants into the sack’s inside. Utilizing a disinfectant wipe, clean the inside of the bag.
  6. Clean the Exterior – As with the inside, you can wipe down the outside of the bag by hand with a disinfectant wipe and enable it to dry for the predetermined measure of time. If the bag’s material permits, you can wash it in a washing machine and after that either air dry or place it in the dryer; check the bag’s washing directions before placing it in the washing machine.
  7. Clean the Contents – Every reusable thing ought to be cleaned with disinfectant and allowed to dry.
  8. Wash Your Hands – Once you’re finished with washing the bag and its content, evacuate the gloves and thoroughly clean and dry your hands to get rid of contaminants.
  9. Restock Your Bag – Dispose of expired contents and contents that can’t be used a second time and restock the bag.