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Faces are so small and despite that, each part has its own contribution to make you look elegant and beautiful. Just like eyes are considered to be the window of the soul, your teeth are considered to make your impression radiant and more confident. However, what if this tooth is broken or chipped or stained?

Will it make you appear confident?

No, it won’t and that’s why dentists all around the world focus on treatments that will brighten your image and help you to sport a radiant smile, with the front dental arcade showing.

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dental studies that deals with giving the misshaped tooth a new shape and shine, making it look perfect and just like before. Human dental arcade is quite different for others, owing to the perfectly curved shape and the same lining of all the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry works on different affected areas and restores the originality of the dental arcade.

But how?

Here we have described some of the best procedures using which dentists perform cosmetic dental special.


Teeth whitening is actually the cheapest and easiest way to lighten the shades of your stained teeth. Generally, two to nine-degree shades are there, depending upon the extent of stains on your teeth’s surface. You can either take the help of a professional dentist or you can also use the dispensed whiteners at your home. This process is not permanent and hence needs to be done every three to four months.


Sometimes, the stains are too stubborn to be removed. Also, if your teeth’s surface is not smooth, or broken, you can choose the porcelain dental veneers. In this, a thin porcelain shell is made which is then fit over the concerned tooth. This allows you to hide the irregularity permanently, and hence it is an invasive process.


Invisible braces are the best orthodontic option when you are not into putting so many wires on your teeth. The invisible braces generally come in three forms: teeth-colored braces, inside braces, which are placed at the back, and the clear aligners.


Sometimes, when you smile, your gum is exposed at a dramatic extent, which makes you look like a disaster. In this case, the problem is called excessive gingival display, which is treated by the gingival contouring. Only specialists like periodontist, orthodontist and oral surgeons are capable of performing the techniques. Gingival contouring involves maxillofacial surgery, lip repositioning, orthodontics, and gingival sculpting.


Composite bonding is one of the best ways to improve dental aesthetics. It is not only cheaper but also less invasive than other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Here, a filling material is placed in places where your teeth are broken, chipped, or cracked.


Crowns dwindle between cosmetic dental special and restorative dental procedures. Three types of dental crowns are usually available- gold crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns and pure porcelain crowns. These crows are placed over the teeth, making them look like they are straddling the natural crown of your teeth. This technique is used for lighter dental mishaps, and for the teeth which suffer less wear and tear like incisors and canines.

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