Top 5 Benefits of Practicing Kriya Yoga

On the path towards happiness, there are a lot of challenges inflicted by the modern time we live in today. To achieve a sense of ultimate joy and self-realization we have to find ourselves spiritually and get rid of stress and bad energy. That is when kriya yoga comes in to help you achieve happiness through meditation and calmness of your mind.

So, what is kriya yoga? According to many sources, kri can be translated as ‘to do’, whereas ya is ‘soul’. As the name, itself, says, it’s all about calming your spirit and bringing peace to your soul as well as realizing that God is in everything around us.

If you still aren’t on board with practicing kriya yoga, let us change your mind as we present to you the top benefits you’ll feel almost instantly after you start with it.

Health Improvement

Your physique will be among the first to feel the numerous benefits as kriya yoga is known to improve the overall health of the individual who practices it. It may help with some illnesses and medical conditions, too.

Generally speaking, the muscles gain flexibility with kriya yoga. The lungs can expand as this activity helps people learn how to breathe properly. Also, it can affect the flexibility of your spine.

Only Positive Vibes

Kriya yoga has the power to transform all of your negative energy that has been accumulated into your body into positive vibes. After all, these vibes are some of the key things that will lead you to the ultimate happiness that you wish to achieve.

What is more, your mind has the ability to concentrate more and let the thoughts roam freely. In return, that brings awareness to the person.

In case you were wondering, all of this is possible through practiced breath work.

Overwhelming Energy

The energies that are found in your physical body are known as chakras. Often they can be blocked which results in you feeling down. With the help of kriya yoga, these energies can be let loose by unleashing a force called kundalinithat is situated at the base of your spine. So, you’ll be filled with energy and joy to do things in life.

Body and Soul Are United

Similar to other forms of yoga, the center of kriya yoga is the soul. Your physical body blends in with your soul. Having said that, people experience a determination to help and be somehow of service to others due to the heightened feelings of understanding, compassion, respect, and awareness.

Great Understanding of Religion

The founders of kriya yoga think that only theorizing and speaking about God does nothing to people. So, kriya offers a great and true understanding of religion due to the fact that it’s all about action and connecting your body and spirit as well as finding your purpose and becoming one with God.

Final Words

What do you think? Have you practiced kriya yoga before or has it been in your plans? Tell us here!