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Tips to pass a urine drug test for marijuana

Passing a urine drug test for marijuana may seem challenging for those, who don’t know a lot about this procedure, but actually it’s possible with enough preparation.

To begin with, you should identify what kind of user you are as it somehow concerns the period marijuana stays in your body.

  1. Casual user: This person have more chances to have clean system in order to pass a drug test even in 24 hour. If you have  smoked marijuana 1-2 times be sure to find your urine pure after 1-3 days.
  2. Regular user: If a urine drug test is to be passed in 24 hours and you are a frequent cannabis user, good fortune may not accompany you. It is known that if you stop smoking for 10 days you are certainly to pass the test avoiding detox menu.
  3. Addicted: If use of cannabis has already become your daily routine, the detox system will take three weeks or a month for you.

However, in case you need to pass the test in 24 hours or are getting nervous whenever it is conducted there some tips to help you.

The first way that is considered to be the easiest one is simply to drink a lot of  liquid. On the other hand, you should be careful to avoid over-hydration. Although being not so always diagnosed, big amount of water can affect  the state of your internal organs, what is known as water intoxication.

If you notice your urine getting excessively watery, the vitamins B-2 or B-12 could help with this problem. These pills are able to make the color of your urine receive more natural look. The dose of 50-100 milligrams, for the first time, will be enough.

Try also to go to the loo 2-3 times in the morning before visiting the laboratory. The lab-assistants will find less amount of drug whether you visit the bathroom.  Someone liked the granny’s recipe – making tea, that makes you pee very often.

Thirdly, you may think about buying body cleansers, effect of which you may expect in one hour till 6 hours, but take into consideration the fact that these products flush your urine temporarily. There are several detox medicines with pro tempore deal that are thought to clean out the urine for about 5 days and give 100% guarantee the drug test will be passed. However, be careful and check comments on sites, where you plan to buy pills.

While surfing the Net you might come across unverified home remedies. Some websites propose to drink cranberry juice or take cranberry supplements, on the grounds that cranberry is a natural diuretic and helps your body flush itself of water and sodium.

There is some doubt in another home method – using zinc. The zinc is believed to reduce the detection of THC and redirect its metabolites from urinary tract into the fecal tract. 250 mg of zinc sulfate should be taken the night before and the same dose in the morning of the day of your test.