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Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are consumed for overall health improvement. Probiotic supplements come in the form of drinks, pills, and powders. Since they are approved by FDA and categorized under the food category and not the category of medicine they are completely safe to use and you don’t need a doctor’s description to buy them. Is probiotics good for you? You may wonder these good bacteria do to your body.

 Bacteria that are present in probiotic supplements mainly focus on improving your gut health. However, the benefits aren’t limited to the digestive system since they also help in regulating the cholesterol level in the body.

Probiotics are good for your health but the extent to which they benefit people varies from person to person. There are different types of probiotic supplements based on the type of bacteria present in them. You can possibly buy different types of probiotics for your kids, you, and the elderly of your house according to their needs. It’s always good to ask the opinion of your doctor regarding the type of probiotics that you buy so that you can buy the one that fits the best for your requirements.

If you want to maximize the effects of probiotics on your body, you need to consume prebiotic food items. Food items like bananas, honey, whole grains, and garlic help the probiotic bacteria in colonizing faster and grow rapidly. These food items are called prebiotic food items and you can consume them on a daily basis along with your probiotic supplements to maximize the effects of probiotic bacteria on your body. Prebiotics supports probiotic bacteria to work better and give better results.

Even though there are many studies that look at the benefits and efficiency of probiotics, there aren’t many studies done on how to take them. However, the few studies that worked on this topic found that probiotic supplements gave out better results when taken along with a meal or 30 minutes prior to a meal. This is because the meal will protect the probiotic bacteria from the hostile acidic environment of the stomach which may kill them. Having said that, meals that contain fat helps in protecting probiotic bacteria better. This doesn’t mean that you should eat oily food every day to maximize the benefits of probiotic supplements. Instead, you can include healthy fat in your diet like avocados, nuts, eggs, and chia seeds. The survival of the probiotic bacteria depends highly on the level of stomach acidity and the time it is exposed to it.

You can consult a doctor to know about the best type of probiotics for you and your family. However, it’s always better to buy a box of prebiotics that contains different strains of bacteria. This is because some bacteria are more sensitive towards their survival factors like stomach acidity and it would be better if you consume a combination of different strains. If you have a mixture of different strains of probiotic bacteria in your body, even if a single factor that can cause massive destruction to them becomes active, you won’t lose them all.

So, to conclude, make sure that you consume probiotics every day. It is much better if you take them with your breakfast or just before a meal. Also, consume some sort of healthy fat with the meal like milk, nut butter, or an avocado thick shake before you take your probiotics. Never forget about prebiotic food items that can help probiotics work better. If you’re buying probiotics from a supermarket, get one that has at least 5 different strains of bacteria.