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Tips on Maintaining Your Eye Health

We often take our eyes for granted. More often than not, we often think that we have “healthy” eyes. However, just when we think we have sound eye health, it’s actually the opposite.

As we grow older, our eyes get more prone to damage due to several factors. These include overexposure to blue light, not using eye protection when it’s too bright outside, or it is simply part of genetics. On the contrary, some young children are reported to have poor eye health, mostly due to the latter. Nonetheless, we should take care of our eyesight, just like how we take care of the rest of our body.

When you look on the Internet, you can see a lot of eye vitamins and various websites offering tips on how to take care of your eyes. Likewise, you can also find several products that claim to improve eye health. However, taking care of your eyes should not be as complicated as you think.

With that said, here are some tips on maintaining your eye health:

Wear eye protection at all times

Wear sunglasses, preferably those with UV-blocking properties, especially when it’s too sunny outside. Likewise, wear any kind of protective eye wear when using the computer for long periods of time, or when working in certain jobs or when you are involved in sports. Otherwise, you may have risk of having eye problems such as cataracts.

Know your family history

Some eye diseases run through your genes. Thus, it is important to take precautionary steps to lower your risk of having eye problems yourself.

Take care of your overall health

Maintain a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. Besides, it is best to maintain a healthy weight by getting regular exercise and eating healthy foods. Studies reveal that obesity increases the risk of having diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These health issues can lead to eye health problems if not paid attention to.

Give time to rest your eyes

Let your eyes rest especially when you use a computer for a long time. Prolonged exposure to computers or electronic gadgets such as mobile phones can make your eyes tired. You can try looking away from the screen about 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Be careful when using contact lenses

Whether you use contact lenses to improve eye sight, it is important not to wear it for more than 10 hours. Otherwise, you risk having permanent vision problems and eye discomfort. Never sleep while wearing your contacts. Follow your doctor’s advice or the manufacturer as for the proper care of your contact lenses.

Take eye health supplements

Go through the eye vitamins and check the right health supplement for your eyes. Choose one that is organic and to help protect the eyes against blue light, reduce glare sensitivity, eye strain, and dryness for a better overall eye health.

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