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Things You Need to Know About  Fatigue and How Do You Deal With It

According to a survey-based report of National Safety Council, almost half of the Americans are not getting enough sleep; 43% said that they don’t get enough sleep to mitigate the critical risks making them vulnerable to accidents; on the other hand, many of the survey respondents have jobs that are high risk for fatigue positions.

No one can escape from the possibility of overworking oneself from countless different factors, may you be currently a student or a working individual, the reasons from being overtired seems to be endless. Fatigue cases is on the rise , it may seems common yet it poses great threat to the sufferers since fatigue makes one vulnerable to health deterioration. Sounds scary right? Know more as you read through this article.

Causes of Fatigue

One must know what causes the condition before proceeding on the ways on dealing the issue. This is for you to know how exactly would you deal fatigue and for you to be able to properly address the issue at hand. Commonly, fatigue can be traced on an individual’s habits or routines, such as lack of exercise; depression; or on occasion, a symptom of an underlying condition which requires medical treatment.

Lifestyle-Related Causes

The most common root cause of fatigue is mainly the lifestyle of an individual. Lack of sleep is at the topmost of this root cause since it is the condition of the mind and body wherein the body’s system goes into a repair mode, which means that if you are lacking of sleep then you are depriving your body from recuperating. Typically, adults needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night to function well the next day.

In addition to lifestyle-related causes is the lack of exercise and a sedentary behavior, being physically active is known to improve fitness however that’s not only the case since these activities also positively impacts your health and overall well-being. Additionally, drinking alcohol and taking drugs are known to slow the nervous system and disturbs normal sleep which eventually causes fatigue.

Workplace-Related Causes

Workplace is the number one source for stress due to many factors in this environment such as demanding time schedule, superiors, or stressful colleagues. The most common workplace issue that causes fatigue is poor workplace practices wherein an individual experiences long work hours or irregular shifts; stressful work environment; boredom or a fixed concentration on repetitive tasks.

Last but certainly not the least is a bad habit of some working individuals, being workaholic. Being a workaholic surely results in burnout due to putting all of their energy and striving too hard on work neglecting everything else. This kind of habit not only puts off your health but also makes you lose balance on your family life, social life and personal interests.

Psychological Causes

Studies have suggested that psychological factors are also part of the fatigue cases which are present in the 50 percent of fatigue patients. The psychological causes includes depression, which is a mental disorder characterized by those people who experiences severe and prolonged feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and dejection. Those who are suffering from depression commonly experience chronic fatigue.

In addition, anxiety and stress are also one of the psychological causes that makes an individual fatigued since  an individual who is chronically anxious and stressed will keep their body in overdrive resulting in constant flooding of adrenaline, exhausting the body making fatigue sets in.

Sleep Hygiene is to Better Health

Fatigue is commonly cause by not resting or sleeping well, which is why the way to solve your fatigue is to have good sleep hygiene for you to be able to sleep well. When you deal with  your fatigue, researching on counting sheep research site would surely help you out have the sleep routine that you need for a better overall well-being.


Fatigue might be common and aren’t taken seriously most of the time. However, having chronic fatigue is on a different level and should be treated with serious attention since it would pose great threat to your health and might eventually lead to other serious disorders. In dealing with fatigue, one should consult a doctor and know further knowledge by researching through counting sheep website.