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The Unique Benefits Of Nak Muay Thai Training

Nak Muay Thai training is right for everyone as it teaches you self defense so that you can stand your ground at any time.  You can learn a lot about this art from a nak muay Thai training class. There are few places where the training is offered in Singapore, but you can trust Fitness First for top class training that will turn you to an expert in no time. What is more, they have several classes scattered across Singapore so that you will always finds a class close to your locality in Singapore.  You will get top value for your money when you register for the training at Fitness First. Continue reading to learn more about this unique training.

An overview

At the nak muay Thai training class offered by Fitness First, you will be exposed to the 8 weapons of Nak Muay and taught how to use each of the weapons. You will also be given scenarios in which each of the weapons can function perfectly so that you will never be caught unaware or bereft of ideas when you are faced with circumstances of situations that warrant the use of the weapons.

Also, the training does not take long. You may be surprised at how much you would have learned after just about 30 minutes of participating in the training. Within just 30 minutes, you would have learned how to use knee, strikes elbow strikes, punches and kicks in different fight combinations.  At Fitness First, they take time to adjust the intensity and complexity of each of the moves so that you can get more out of the training than you would have gotten from any other fitness center.  They have also derived a method to adjust each move based on how much experience you have; there is something for everyone at Fitness First, even if you have no knowledge at all about nak muay Thai.  They will teach you to get fitter and stronger as they are exposing the secrets of nak muay Thai to you.

Its features

Check below for the features of nak muay Thai

  • It makes you more energetic than ever since the workout touches your core and strengthens you.
  • As stated earlier, each workout only requires about 30 minutes
  • The workouts are in varieties and range from easy to moderate. The one you undergo depends on your level of experience
  • If you work out regularly, then you will find the nak muay Thai training class to be perfect for you.

What to bring

When coming for the fun muay thai training class, you should bring the items highlighted below so that you can get the best out of the sessions:

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Extra cloth
  • Hand wraps

You can also chose any nak muay Thai training class closest to your locality so that you will not have to slave through traffic when looking of the Fitness First fitness center for your nak muay Thai training.  The service is affordable and you can even get it for free via the free trtial offered by Fitness First