When we talk about cannabis or the linguistically more common name marijuana, what comes to the mind is an illegal drug doing rounds in pubs and bars. But a lesser known fact is that this drug is also used for medicinal purposes, fighting some of the deadliest diseases. Marijuana thus becomes the harbinger of both good and bad elements, depending on the product which is devised from it.


Almost all the parts of the Hemp plant, starting from its leaves, its flowers and subsequently, the root are used in the creation of a variety of products. The presence of tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a chemical compound, lends this plant its psychoactive properties.

  • The first and foremost usage of the cannabis plant comes from the powder, created from its dried leaves and flowers, resulting in a product called marijuana. This, in turn, is used in cigars, cookies or is just smoked through pipes or in recreational joints.
  • The medicinal value of Marijuana in combating the effects of chemotherapy is a more desirable characteristic which has made its trade legal in many countries. A medicine such as Marinol and Cesamet are made up of this natural compound and reduces the nausea symptom of cancer treatment.
  • Apart from treating cancer issues, drugs containing this extract have been created to treat muscle pain, AIDS and seizures to name some. Its usage in childhood seizure medication has been quiet effectively tested and proved.
  • A more recent and less known use of the cannabis products is the industrial hemp. This product is actually developed when the fiber of the Hemp plant is spun. The paper industry, textile manufacturing, animal feed and biofuel segments have all been availing the advantages of this identification.

The distinctive composition of the plant and its ability to grow fast has made it a favorite amidst scientists. Newer and better uses of this flora are being identified with each passing discovery.


Though the Cannabis plant has proved its significance in many arenas, still its use should be well regulated owing to its strong influence on the mind and body.

  • It has been tested that Hemp products have the ability to alter the state of mind of an individual, making them oscillate between a states of extreme elation to a state of chronic depression.
  • It’s very easy to get addicted to its taste and the sudden rush of adrenaline it provides.
  • A high dosage can cause hazardous changes in organ functioning which includes increase in pressure and the inability to sync functioning of the brain with physical actions.
  • This drug does not leave the system easy and thus, can slowly harm the organs if not taken in prescribed quantities and forms.

Though the Marijuana plant has been identified as a savior in many critical cases, the use of this plant for medical purposes is still restricted owing to the illegal trafficking which is undertaken for the other unpopular adoptions. These cannabis products, if appropriately used, can revolutionize the health and other industries for the better.