The List of Food Items for Increasing the Testosterone Level

When we talk about low testosterone (low-T) level, a decrease in the muscle size, low libido and depression are some of the symptoms you will come across. Being a bodybuilder is one of the key hormones that help you in putting on muscles and staying in the right shape. But it has been seen that with age, the level of testosterone starts dropping. So, in order to stay fit, you should look out for the symptoms and treat them at the earliest. When it comes to treatment the natural sources are the best way to deal with the condition.

Best food supplements

Along with the recommendation of your doctor, you may also consider some testosterone-boosting food items to cope up with the crisis. Two nutrients namely vitamin D and zinc are highly important elements that help boost your testosterone level.

  • Tuna – Being rich in vitamin D, it can be been linked to supporting longer life and production of testosterone. It’s also a protein-rich food that is low in calories and healthy for your heart.
  • Low-fat milk containing vitamin D – Milk, in general, is considered as a great source of calcium and protein. Its vitamin D content will also help to maintain the testosterone levels.
  • Egg yolks – This is another rich source of vitamin D. Egg yolk is known to contain more nutrients than egg whites.
  • Fortified cereals – Certain heart-healthy cereals brands are enriched with vitamin D. By incorporating them in your breakfast routine you can get a good boost of testosterone at the beginning of the day.
  • Oysters – Oysters are a very good source of the mineral zinc. Zinc is known to keep the male hormones in check all through adulthood.
  • Shellfish – Occasional having crabs or lobster helps to boost your testosterone levels. Seafood, in general, is rich in zinc.

If you want to know about more food items then read more about the best sources on the internet.

Signs to look for

Here are some common signs of low testosterone in men:

  • Reduced sex drive – Normally it is a sign that comes with aging, but low-T can cause this symptom even in younger men.
  • Erectile dysfunction – With low-T it is difficult to attain and maintain an erection.
  • Decreased volume of semen volume – Low-T can also make ejaculation difficult and may affect the volume of semen too.
  • Hair loss – Low testosterone generally speeds up the process of hair loss on the head, face and even body.
  • Increase in fat volume – When the hormone levels get imbalanced, it affects the metabolism process and the body’s ability to burn and store fat. Low testosterone level also triggers the accumulation of body fat.

Some of the other symptoms are low energy level, a decrease in the muscle and bone mass, sleep disturbance and mood swings.

Apart from the natural source

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