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The Daddy do-over: What is it and why should you care?


It’s official: “Dad bods” are out, as more men are opting to have cosmetic procedures, like a necklift and liposuction. These surgeries help men to look younger, which can help them to get a competitive edge over their work colleagues, and also feel comfortable in their own skin. The amount of men seeking a “Daddy do-over” has risen by 29% since the year 2000 and this number is only expected to keep climbing as more men focus on improving their confidence and appearance. Here are five cosmetic procedures that are popular for men looking for a full “Daddy do-over” body transformation:

1. Rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplasties were by far the most popular cosmetic procedure for men in 2018. This type of procedure can give your nose a more streamlined appearance, but most importantly, it can make you feel much more confident with your appearance. Many men seek rhinoplasty to correct the nose shape they were born with or even to correct any damage caused by an injury. 

2. Liposuction

Men made up 11% of all people who got liposuction in 2018, an increase of 5% from the year before. Liposuction can help men shed some weight that they struggle to lose with exercise alone; for some people, it’s a great way to get rid of the “Dad bod”.

3. Botox 

Botox has remained the most popular cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons since 1999. Injections are strategically administered to certain parts on the face in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This procedure has become an integral part of the “Daddy do-over” experience, as it has the potential to make men look much younger. It’s particularly appealing for men who don’t wear makeup to improve their complexion and appearance, as Botox provides semi-permanent results.

4. Necklift

Your face can remain clear and wrinkle free but your neck will still be a massive indicator of your age. Sagging in this region occurs naturally with age, which is why many men are opting for a more permanent solution, as firming creams will only get you so far; you would be surprised at just how much younger and slimmer a neck lift can make you look. 

5. Breast reduction

This procedure isn’t only for women, it’s also a popular procedure for men hoping to make their chest region tighter. Excess skin on the chest can occur with age or even after a dramatic weight loss; a breast reduction can be an important part of getting a “Daddy do-over”; it can give more mature men the confidence to go shirtless once again.