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Teen Pregnancy – What are the Best Options?

Unexpected pregnancy can come as a surprise for anybody, regardless of the age. However, imagine what is like to be a teenager in this kind of situation.

Being a pregnant teenager must be a terrifying experience, as teens are initially afraid to give the news to their parents and are still not emotionally or mentally prepared to raise a child. They are also worried if they are going to be accepted by their peers and the community, as society is still regarding teen pregnancy as some sort of a taboo.

What teenagers need in this kind of situation is to know that somebody supports them and gives them options to choose from.  Parents should take the role of supporters and present all the possible alternatives.

Abortion options for teenager are not the only way to solve this situation. Some teenagers decide to keep the baby while others decide to give it up for adoption.

We’ll discuss the three options below.


Abortion is probably the first thought that comes to mind to a scared teenage girl. It is an option which can be chosen just in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, after which this procedure is no longer possible.

There are two types of abortion: medical and surgical. The medical one must be done in the early stage of pregnancy, while the surgical one is feasible until the third month of pregnancy at latest.

Since abortion laws vary across countries, it should be checked if the procedure is legal before doing it or considering it as an alternative. It’s undoubtedly a tough decision to make, so it’s best for the teenage girl to discuss it with her parents and partner or perhaps with a counselor.

The teenager should be aware of the physical side-effects that follow the abortion process such as: bleeding, cramps, nausea, dizziness, fever, back pain etc. or the long-term emotional effects like regret, anxiousness or even depression.


Teenagers who are not yet prepared to become parents, but are strictly against aborting the child, have the alternative to give the baby up for adoption. This is a safe option as a lot of people are eagerly wishing to become parents and patiently wait on the never-ending list.

There are two types of adoption: open and closed. The former one permits contact between the child and the biological parents. The frequency of communication will be discussed and agreed together with the foster parents. The latter one forbids any kind of contact between the birth parents and the child.

Teenagers have three options of arranging the adoption. They can give the baby to an adoption agency ruled by the government, which doesn’t include them in the process. Also, they can choose an independent adoption, where the decision is completely theirs, but they collaborate with a lawyer. Finally, they can give the baby to some relatives until they become ready to look after it.

Regardless of which option the teenagers choose, they should be aware of the consequences of each type. Click here to read more on the topic of adoption.


Some teenagers decide to keep their children and dedicate themselves to becoming parents. However, being a parent means putting your child and its needs in the first place. It means being around all the time, taking care of its diet, education, hobbies, clothes etc. Actually, the process of nurturing starts with the pregnancy period.

Teenagers must give up plenty of things in order to become devoted parents. They must postpone their education for a while and find a job. They’ll probably give up their dreams and definitely change their lifestyle.


Numerous factors need to be taken into consideration prior to making a decision: to abort the child, give it for adoption or keep it.

If you choose abortion, you’ll wonder if you’ve made the right decision for the rest of your life. In the case of adoption, you’ll have to live with the fact that your child has other parents. Should you decide to keep it, you’ll sacrifice your goals and dreams and make your child number one priority.

No alternative is painless; choose the right one for you!

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