Surrogacy Cost 101: Crucial Factors You Need To Know

Let’s face it. Surrogacy is an incredible way for anyone interested in making parenthood dream a reality. Is the entire process cakes and ale?

Chances are you have no friends or family to walk you through because they’ve never been through the process and know little about surrogacy cost. Fortunately, we’ve gathered six factors that determine costs.

1.    Agency Fees

Usually, surrogacy specialists receive agency fees. They cater for all services offered such as advertising, background checks, marketing, and screening. Often, these charges are fixed. However, different states have varying agency fee limits.

2.    Advertising Expenses

Most intended parents prefer consulting a surrogacy agency to get an ideal surrogate. You have to meet advertising expenses. The agency may use them to publish traditional adverts or use online ads. Your agency may network with other legitimate surrogacy experts.

A surrogacy agency needs to spend adequate time and resources advertising to get an ideal surrogate. When searching for surrogacy agencies, it’s advisable to hire one that offers excellent, reputable advertising services.

3.    Matching Services

After getting prospective surrogates, surrogacy professionals offer matching services to intended parents. Generally, matching expenses cover the parents’ and surrogate’s background checks, psychological assessment and screening. Matching helps in ensuring both parties are committed to the process. Furthermore, the agency needs to create a surrogacy plan and profile for intended parents.

4.    Counseling and Education

It takes three to tango in surrogacy arrangements. The process is emotional for the surrogate and intended parents. The professional surrogacy takes time educating them on the entire procedure. The agency may need to provide constant counseling and support before and after the process. Although counseling fees are generally low, they are critical for surrogacy to be successful.

5.    Legal Services

In a surrogacy arrangement, legal contracts outline surrogate compensation and responsibilities of each party. Both the surrogate and the parents need to hire an attorney to draft and negotiate a surrogacy contract. They need to complete vital services. Different states have various legal fees and quantity of legal work. A family may require extra legal services such as terminating a surrogate’s parental rights.

6.    Medical Expenses

In most scenarios, medical expenses constitute a large percentage of the whole surrogacy cost. Intended parents have to cater for fertility and IVF treatments which depend on the transfer attempts necessary. They are also required to pay for prenatal care expenses.

Although surrogacy cost varies from one agency to another, the goal is the same. To make parenthood dreams a reality for everyone interested but unable to for various health reasons. It’s recommended to find an agency with experienced and proven track record to minimize chances of facing difficulties during and after the entire process.

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