Smart Supplement Usage As Per Your Requirement

For the past ten years, a new fashion has come to mix cards in the field of weight loss. These are the supplements. The promises are so amazing. “Lose 10 lbs in 1 week”, “Reach your healthy weight without effort” are just a few examples of what you are trying to swallow.

These products, called fat burners, are becoming more popular. But do supplements to lose or control body weight actually work? This is what we will try to elucidate.

You should know that we are very strict about the use of certain products. In order to make you believe that you lose weight, many companies will fill their capsules with diuretics and laxatives.

Diuretics and laxatives

These two types of ingredients will cause your body to purge, hours of pleasure in the bathroom. When your body is purged, you lose weight in theory, because as soon as you start feeding again and hydrate you will take back some lost books. When it comes to the perfect Phenq usage then make sure that you can make sure you know about the Phenq ingredients.

Green tea

There are also often concentrated amounts of green tea powder. This last ingredient supposedly has virtues to facilitate weight loss, but no serious scientific research has so far shown the real effect of green tea concentrate in the fight against the pounds.

The stimulants

The most used stimulant is caffeine. Caffeine helps eliminate more fat because it allows the body to use its reserves more easily. In addition, this last ingredient delays the effect of fatigue, so it allows to train longer. However, some companies are pushing the note by adding as much caffeine in each pill as there would be in three to five coffees. If so, beware. How to get the effects of caffeine without taking products? It’s simple. Take a cup of black coffee an hour before training and the turn will be played.


Finally, we find chitosan in many products of the same family. This ingredient would have the ability to swell on contact with water and prevent the absorption of carbohydrates (sugar). These statements are very controversial. The only real concrete result we’ve seen is a death on the side of the United States. A man died after a pill stuck in his esophagus had swollen.

Supplements for the future?

Currently, there are many molecules in development. The research is numerous but the discoveries are less so. It’s a safe bet that one day, a company will find the magic formula but for the moment, your best option is to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. In closing, we would like to remind you that if you invest in weight loss products, the only thing that risks losing weight is your wallet.

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