Health Care

Risks Covered By Star Health Insurance

“Good health is the real treasure”.

The above saying definitely holds much significance. With our fast-paced and demanding life, a number of health issues appear as stumbling blocks in our journey of life. While we can’t ignore them, we can definitely secure ourselves and our family by buying health insurance.

Star Health insurance is one such health insurance which provides numerous monetary benefits to the insured and the family.

A quick glance at the offering of Star Health Insurance:

Available in different plans, Star Health Insurance is definitely one of the best ways to get financial cover in case of any medical emergency. Being the largest private health insurance provider, its plans are known for integrity and end-user friendliness. The plans offer benefits like no sub-limit on treatment cost including room rent, the customized premium rate on floater basis, no pre-insurance test for a senior citizen, lifetime renewable option and so on. In addition, the health insurance offered by this company is known to cover a whole list of risks without much hassle.

Risks covered by Star Health Insurance

  • All inclusive hospital cash benefits.
  • Free health checks.
  • Day-care procedures
  • OPD based dental and ophthalmic procedures.
  • The loss occurred by accidental death, temporary disablement, and permanent disability.
  • Educational grant for the dependent children.
  • Ambulance charges and other hospital-related expenses.
  • Organ donor expenses.

All these risks are covered as per the plans. With such extensive coverage, Star Health insurance prepares you for the worst.  As Star Health Insurance recognizes the economic fallout when an unexpected and sudden medical emergency shows-up from nowhere, and designs its plans accordingly. That is why it stands over a huge capital base of INR 1,050 Cr.

Everything You Need To Know About Health Insurance

There is no denying the fact that health is real wealth. But the irony is that, only a handful of people realize it and opt for health insurance. Call it the lack of information or awareness; people are not very concerned about buying health insurance.

Here is a comprehensive rundown of information related to health insurance that everyone should know.

Buying health insurance at an early age is a wise decision:

In case of health insurance, the sooner the better, as an early buyer has to pay less and affordable premium as compared to a late buyer. Buying a health insurance at an early age is always a wise decision as it gives you maximum benefits. You are eligible to buy a health insurance at an early age of 18.

Buy it even if you are not suffering from any illness

Yes, it is true. Health insurance is not meant only for patients or people with any prior disability. It is basically meant for all to ensure they are well-equipped to face any medical emergency. No disease or crisis comes with prior notice. It just happens, and a health insurance is your most potent tool to win this combat. With health insurance, you or your family members need not bother about the expenses and cost involved in the treatment. In addition, it also provides financial aid on the accidental demise of the insured.

Buy the one most suited to you, not the one which is most famed

Usually, a health insurance company has several plans targeting the masses. Not all the plans are meant for you. For instance, if you belong to a lower income group, then choosing an all-inclusive health insurance plan is not a good idea as the premium will take a toll on you. So, do a thorough analysis of your requirements and spending capacity and then move forward.

Pay attention to the coverage

Before signing the final deal of a health insurance policy, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the coverage provided by it. For instance, if you are a senior citizen, make sure that your health insurance provides coverage for your pre-existing disease as well. Similarly, a middle-aged man should go for a policy that offers an educational grant to his children as well.

Save Your Money, Buy Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the easiest ways to cut down your treatment expenses. As it provides coverage for almost everything, starting from OPD fees to organ donor expenses, it provides a huge saving for you. In addition, with health insurance, you get a rebate on all treatments, medicines and room rents. A rebate on tax is another form of saving. In a nutshell, health insurance is beneficial in all ways.