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Replacing Smoking: The Efficacy of Vaping Explored!

If you are a compulsive smoker desperately trying to give up smoking then you might as well already have tried various “cessation” therapies without much help. Nicotine gums, for example, are not really as effective and you come to know that within five minutes of chewing the same. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are more “real alternatives” to traditional cigarettes – quite simply because of the fact that they are capable of replicating the feeling associated with traditional cigarettes.

Can E-cigarettes Really Help you Get Rid of Smoking and its Bad Effects on Health?

We, however, will not ask you to arbitrarily trust the efficacy of e-cigarettes as definite, healthier alternatives to cigarettes. We would rather help you understand why Nicotine Free Vape helps you get rid of smoking (and eventually steer clear of its harmful effects) — with the help of ample proof. Read on to explore.

It all starts with your willpower. If you have already started out trying nicotine free gums, then we can say that you’re on the right track. However, much contrary to what is advertised it is not really easy to give up smoking with the help of gums. Even when you are using e-cigarettes, you actually have to educate yourself about the proper ways of using them so that you don’t give up on them after a few days thinking that they are incapable of replacing traditional smoke.

Don’t Aim for the Lowest Nicotine Level Right at the Beginning!

The electronic cigarettes are backed by variant levels of nicotine. If you want you can choose liquids without nicotine as well. It is important to start off with the right degree of nicotine hit. You might as well be enthused about jumping straightaway to the no-nicotine options but let us warn you against chances of you finding them insipid for your taste and eventually bouncing back to traditional smoking.

The trick is to lower your nicotine levels slowly. Start off with the high or mid-level options only to lower your nicotine intake with the due passage of time. There will be a time when you will actually end up finding that you are doing just fine without nicotine.

You will know when to hit the low-nicotine level. As you gradually lower your intake there will be a time when you’ll no longer be dependent on your e-cigarettes. You can easily them behind home while going out!

How Vaping Helps

It has been opined that right within 8 hours after which you stop smoking and start vaping, you will start experiencing improvement. Within the very first few hours, the levels of oxygen in your body are back to normal. E-cigarettes, unlike traditional cigarettes, are free of carbon monoxide – which is responsible for hindering the levels of oxygen in your body.  Your body, as such, starts detoxifying right away! Within 24 hours, your body has actually got rid of all the carbon monoxide left behind by traditional cigarettes. You are no more inhaling the toxins. The vapor produced by e-cigarettes is delightfully free of these toxins.