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In various blogs and articles over the internet and also a lot of researches conducted in various countries across the world, we have seen how alcoholic drinks, drugs and cigarettes have affected both adults and teens alike. The problems have severely affected people and it is to be minded, well that these problems have risen only because of drugs and alcohol.

How much is too much?

Before moving towards the harmful effects of alcohol, one must first understand as to how much of alcohol is too much. Every person has a different perspective, and a different health level too. Hence, before moving towards the effects of the alcohol, one must realize that some people have a good amount of self control. They can manage and easily limit their alcohol intake. But, on the other hand, there are various people who cannot control themselves and once they start drinking, they get addicted to it.

But, of course, there are some standard norms that one can look up when in confusion. So, to start off, you must know how much is too much. According to some surveys, if you are a man and drinking more than four drinks per day or more than two drinks a day if you drink regularly, you are drinking in excess. On a similar note, if you happen to be a woman who drinks more than three drinks per day or one drink per day if you drink regularly, you are indeed drinking too much and it can be harmful for you.

Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol is basically a mixture of ethanol and methanol. High amount of alcohol intake can attack your nervous system and depress it so that your thinking ability is reduced. This can have momentary good effects also, like reducing stress, tension, depression, etc., but in the long run, it is very harmful. Alcohol directly affects the working and proper functionality of your brain and can damage your liver and kidneys. Hence, one must stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

What is Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)?

 The Blood Alcohol Content is a measure of the effect of the alcohol in your nervous system. Every person has a different tolerance capacity. Some people can tolerate a very less amount of alcohol in their bodies while others may tolerate higher levels of alcohol in their bodies. But, a high BAC value is indeed harmful and a person can feel different side effects which ultimately depend upon the value of BAC in their bodies.

What to do if you are addicted?

If you are addicted to alcohol or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, you should immediately visit a doctor for proper medications which can reduce the damage caused by alcohol. You can also visit various counselors or psychologists for relevant advice. Also, there are a lot of alcohol rehab facilities available in the United States of America where you can get help to recover very quickly from alcohol addiction.