Quick Review of Pearl Laser Antiaging Treatment!

As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and firmness, and it doesn’t take long before signs of aging start getting more visible. You can spot the early signs of aging right in your 20s, but thankfully, a host of antiaging treatments are now available. In this post, we will discuss Pearl Laser, which is one of the better treatments for age spots, sun damage and wrinkles.

Is Pearl Laser same as traditional fractional lasers?

Pearl Laser is one of the less invasive antiaging treatments, which, as the name suggests, uses lasers. With most of the traditional fractional lasers, one of the major concerns is the downtime. In some cases, patients need to wait for about six to ten days before they can resume their normal life. To add to that, at least four to six sessions are required to see visible results. Pearl Laser does away with all that, and you will see a significant improvement in your facial skin in just one session. In fact, many people don’t need more than two sessions.

How does it work?

Pearl Laser treatment is safe, and usually the doctor/expert will use a numbing agent on the entire face. You may feel some pain, but it’s bearable, and there isn’t any pain after the procedure is completed. However, patients sometimes experience minor discomfort after the treatment, which is usually related to the swelling. Also, this is a treatment for your entire face, and not just a few areas. This is the reason why a single session can offer such superior results. The treatment is offered using a laser, which is placed in an apt position, and typically there is no downtime involved.

Select the right clinic

Your choice of clinic makes a huge difference, because for such laser treatments – nothing counts more than a mix of setup, experience and expertise. Go for known options, such as Clinique anti aging, which have been offering Pearl Laser for a while. Keep in mind that Pearl Laser results come to full effect only after a week or so, and eventually, you will see a considerable difference in your face. If you have sagging skin or extreme case of wrinkles, you may need a few more sessions. Talk to your doctor to know if you are the right candidate for the procedure. In some cases, experts may recommend dermal fillers or Botox as a choice for treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.

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