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Regardless of therumours going round about Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), studies has it that it (NRT), the chances of quitting cigarette upon using any nicotine replacement product is doubled.

A nicotine patch is a form of NRT which has features similar to a bandage.Due to health challenges such as heart diseases, gum diseases, high blood pressure, lung cancer among others, that emanates from smoking, the need to proffer solution to the this killer habit called smoking, has in many instances taken the centre stage in health cenacles in both local and international  domains.

As a result of the many health risks ensuing from smoking, there is a rise in the number of smokers who desire to quit this habit. Sadly however, attempts to quit the habits can be likened to atwo- step forward and five -steps backward phenomenon for most individuals. This situation has been highlighted in studies, where it has been stated that attempts to quit smoking can be as much as 30 before success is attained.

Quitting is a daunting task

Quitting a smoking habit is indeed a daunting task. This is especially visible in the symptoms that arise when individuals make attempts to quit smoking. Examples of which includes

Weight gain: There will be a surge in the body’s quest carb consumption when an attempt is made to quit smoking.’

The urge to smoke: Of all symptoms emanating from the attempt to quit smoking, the urge to smoke is the most occurring.  This urge has been linked to the deprivation of a nicotine-based receptor in the brain.

Cough: Another nicotine withdrawal symptom is cough. Although a worrisome development, coughing persistently when smoking is quit, is a sign the lungs are getting clearer and better.

Psychological differences:  there is bound to be mood changes when an individual quits smoking. This change is traceable to irregularities in the central nervous system. The psychological changes that might be manifested when an attempt is made to put smoking at bay includes poor concentration, depression, anxiety, to state a few.

Ease of quitting guaranteed with nicotine patch:

Although, an attempt to quit smoking is daunting to say the least, but the numerous changes that arise from this attempt will be less torturous if nicotine patch is given a trial. Nicotine patches have as their contents varying doses of nicotine. The patch is usually put to use by being worn within the neck and waist region of the body. In addition, it is important that the area of the body deemed fit for attaching the patch should be clean, hairless and dry. The major use of the nicotine patch is to address the challenge of nicotine addiction, while also minimising nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Furthermore on its use, is the variation in time of use and the inherent consequence. In most cases, nicotine patches are meant for 24-hours use. However, some persons prefer to get rid of the patch once it’s bed time. However, minimising the use of a nicotine patch has the disadvantage of triggering cravings for cigarette, especially in the early hours of the following morning.

Lastly, nicotine patches are used to complement cessation programs. Cessation programs for smokers are often designed to last 8 weeks. In the course of these eight weeks, smokers interested in quitting are placed on varying forms of nicotine patches. The use nicotine patches for smoking cessation, guarantees the success of the program as a whole.