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Lack of Proteins and minerals are also the cause of hair loss

There are some factors which causes hair falls like using chemical products etc. This thing is visible and can takeproper action to avoid it,but there are some problems or reason which is not seen directly.

The reason behind the hair loss is protein and minerals too…

If your body is lacking protein, then it weakens your hair root,and then hair fall started to begin. There is some food which is very important and which cannot be avoided if you want to maintain the proper ratio of protein and minerals in your body. One should take milk daily so that it can provide you the protein and calcium. There are other foods like. Fish, eggs, meat.  So, if you are a vegetarian, then it becomes a little difficult,but you can switch to veg-protein food.

Males face the problem of pattern baldness

We talked about the male pattern of baldness then this is mainly encountered by males who are about or above 60 years of age. Yes, the male pattern baldness is a type of hair loss which can be caused by the combination of genes and also male sex hormones are responsible for this.

If you talk about male pattern baldness, then it follows some classic pattern of hair loss, at the end leaving the M shaped hairline. Talking about the cure of hair loss problem you can go forward to use minoxidil solutions. Have a look at Nizoral ad and read more about minoxidil also oral medications including finasteride which is responsible for preventing hair loss

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