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It’s a Myth: E-cigs are NOT Appealing to Kids

We can all agree that vaping is not safe for kids, but there have been a lot of false information stating that vape pens attract kids. There have been several reports suggesting that kids and teenagers find e-cigars to be appealing, which tempt them to use the substance. The reports have caused a lot of confusion and fear that the pens might trigger underage vaping, but the truth is, these are just some misconceptions.

Is vaping safe for kids?

Underage usage of vape is considered to be a crime. Also, it is unhealthy. E-cigars contain nicotine, which is a powerful stimulant that results in addiction. The substance can harm brain development in kids and teenagers, and it is, therefore, recommendable that users wait till they are in their mid-twenties. Other than nicotine, they may contain other substances that are not ideal for consumption by young individuals. If they start using e-cigs at a young age, they might end up smoking cigarettes in the future.

Vaping is meant to help smokers to quit the habit as it gives them similar satisfaction as what they would get from smoking. It is not supposed to trigger the urge to smoke in kids, and it is, therefore, best that the young ones stay as away from this product as possible.

Do vape pens attract kids?

The answer to this is no. Vaping is still new in the market. There have been lots of campaigns and proves that vaping is far safer and healthier than smoking. More and more people are, therefore, curious about it. This is the main reason why there have been cases of underage vaping here and there, but it is not because the pens are attractive to the kids. Other claims that the futuristic design of the pens make them attractive not to mention the fruity names and colors that will definitely trigger their curiosity. They blame it all on the manufacturers claiming that the products’ descriptions and appearance sound like a product that befits the young ones.

The truth is, the design and names of the products are meant to attract the right audience, and the sellers have no intentions of selling them to underage. Other features such as the brightly colored LED light are essential to signal when users are out of battery or liquid as opposed to the strong belief that they are meant to motivate kids to get the vape pens. The manufacturers get inspiration on the designs based on the users’ feedback on what features they wish to have on the vape pens. They are also a great marketing strategy.

What triggers vaping in kids?

The primary source of underage use of vape is those that use the product around kids. Parents and guardians to be precise have played a considerable role in this habit whereby the kids see them vaping and are curious to try out the product.

The issue should be addressed by ensuring that the adults do not use vape pens with kids around. Using e-cig around kids triggers second-hand exposure and accidental ingestion. You can read this article to understand more on the issue and understand e-cigs are not appealing to kids. 

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