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Is a Rhinoplasty Really Necessary, and Will Insurance Cover the Procedure?

Countless individuals from all walks of life either desire or need a rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that corrects and/or reshapes the nose cartilage. A nose might be deformed from birth, and this is often corrected with cosmetic procedures. Other individuals experience a broken nose or other face trauma that affects the nose, and they wonder if a rhinoplasty is really necessary. These prospective patients also wonder whether their health insurance will cover the procedure. The rule of thumb is that cosmetic surgeries performed just for aesthetic reasons are generally not covered. If changing the nose is medically a necessity, some insurances will cover at least a portion of the procedure cost.

Sometimes, the issue that causes a patient to undergo a rhinoplasty operation is hidden from obvious view. The soft interior structures of the nasal openings can easily become damaged. This might cause difficulty with breathing. There could be an underlying disease or other health condition that ultimately makes a rhinoplasty necessary. This can include cancers or tumors in or near the nose. Smoke inhalation, traumatic accidents involving the facial features, birth deformities, severe sinus issues and more can all result in the patient needing a nose surgery to repair the damage.

There is a terrific rhinoplasty surgeon Houston TX residents can vouch for that offers various nose procedures to correct certain types of problems. A deviated septum often occurs if the sensitive nose is exposed to some large force such as a punch. Sometimes, the original injury heals, but the patient may begin to suffer frequent breathing issues, smell alterations, excessive sinus type symptoms and other nasal issues over a period of time. Cocaine use is another leading cause of interior nasal damage that might require a surgical repair. There are a lot of people who just do not love their own nose for one reason or another.

Getting a rhinoplasty for the wrong reasons can result in permanent changes that the patient may regret down the road. Actresses, models and other celebrities often feel pressured to improve their looks to become or stay popular. Sadly, there are people who become addicted to plastic surgeries even though the results often look horrible. There are unscrupulous “celebrity docs” who will perform unnecessary and often dangerous cosmetic surgeries if the patient has enough money. Our facial characteristics are often part of our heritage and culture.Changes brought about by early cosmetic surgery could be regretted later.

This is why it is so important to determine your reasons for wanting a nose job. If this is done solely because of pressure from someone else, things could feel different as time goes by. Most have already heard about cosmetic surgery catastrophes due to gross incompetence by the doctor. It is possible to cause instability of the supportive nasal cartilage and interior structures within the nasal passages by removing too much. A competent plastic surgeon will offer honest evaluations and recommendations instead of simply trying to please their wealthy patients.