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Importance of testing MTHFR levels:

As we all know that our body is composed of many enzymes and each type of enzymes have its own roles and responsibilities. Among the n number of enzymes MTHFR enzymes have a significant role of repairing the DNA and the ability to alter the presence methyl content in our body. The MTHFR enzyme is accompanied by some gene mutations due to genetic and many external factors which make it to malfunction or to change its course. This will lead to many diseases as the DNA factor is very much important to the human body. The level of MTHFR and the mutation genes in our body can be identified by conducting the MTHFR gene test. MTHFR gene test is conducted by using saliva and it can be processed only by specialized labs.

MTHFR gene tests can be done from home using home test kit which is available easily. Based in the results obtained from the gene tests one can come to the conclusion regarding the presence of enzymes in our body. After finding the stage of criticality the MTHFR treatment and the modes of treatment will be advised by trained MTHFR practitioners. The treatment involves the intake of various levels Vitamin B9 into the body using capsules and other possible modes. The reason is that vitamin B9 has some chemical components which provide methyl contents and other important chemical components which can enrich the presence of MTHFR in our body.

MTHFR has the ability to metabolize folic acid into methylfolate. and it also has the capability to toggle between genes if necessary. So the regular check after a certain period is required as the presence of MTHFR is affected by many external factors which take place in our home or work location. Irrespective of the age group one should undergo MTHFR gene test to identify the presence of it.