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How to Pass a Drug Test

Employers will have their employees and job applicants take a drug test to determine if they use drugs. They might conduct drug tests because they are required by law especially if they are in the transportation, transit and aviation industry. The cheapest and easiest way to pass a drug test is not to take drugs weeks leading up to the drug test. However, if you know you have drugs in your system and are looking for answers on how to pass a drug test, here are some tips to assist you.

Know the Type of Drug Test you will be taking

To pass a drug test in short notice, you need to know which drug test you will be taking. Types of drug tests include;
•    Urine testing – This is the most common type of test.
•    Saliva drug testing – it is less invasive than the urinary test.
•    Blood testing – it is the most invasive and expensive test.
•    Hair test and perspiration test – less commonly used.

Know the drug being tested for

The above tests can be used to detect marijuana and alcohol. Other commonly tested drugs include cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines and phencyclidine.

Know how long drugs stay in your system

A drug test is not meant to check your sobriety at the time of the testing but rather drug use in the recent past. Those who use drugs often have a higher concentration compared to occasional drug users. It is important that you know how long a certain substance stays in your body so that you can keep off the substance before going for the test. For example, cocaine stays in your body for 4 days while ecstasy stays for 2 days.

Cleanse your body in preparation for a drug test

If you are wondering how to pass a drug test, there are several ways. Some are riskier than others. One of the safest ways to pass drug test is by cleansing the body before takin the drug test. It helps to know when you will be taking the test. Here is how to go about the cleanse;
•Natural detox – if you have the test in about half a month you can cleanse your body by abstaining from using, drinking plenty of water and exercise. The body has a natural detoxification process that cleanses the body over time.
•Detoxification program – If you have a week to your test you can use the detoxification program to speed up the natural cleansing process. The program comes with a testing kit to verify that you are drug free.
•Same day cleanse – if your test is in a day, there are several detoxification drinks you can take to flush the substances out of the system after six hours of use.

If you love your job and would like to keep it by passing your drug test, the safest way is to keep off drugs.