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How to grow thick beard faster?

Growing a beard can be a great test of patience for every man. With all the waiting for months, regular washing and applying of beard oil, taking care of it can be very tough. The sooner the beard growth reaches its full potential once can trim it and shave it to make it look legendary. The following are few of the steps by which if done correctly can help the individual to reach that potential a lot faster:-Proper skin care

A healthy and moisturized skin equals a kickass thick beard, which is why a very good idea to invest in a good skin moisturizer is. Not only will it keep the skin properly hydrated but regular washing of the face will stimulate blood circulation, exfoliate the skin and remove all the dead skin cells that are impeding the beard hair grown and open up all the beautiful skin pores.

Good Exercising Regime

The best thing any individual can do to improve the quality of the beard is to do both cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises on a regular basis. Losing some extra weight one has been carrying on the body is not a bad idea to improve thickness of the beard because it will lead to increase in testosterone hormone which would in turn promote healthy hair follicles and beard growth. But one should keep in mind to not to overdo the exercise, making body lack a lot of nutrients that would have been present otherwise.

Managing Stress Levels

A lot of stress in the life can increase cortisol in one’s body which has a very negative impact on testosterone development. Cortisol can also constrict the blood vessels, thus making it more challenging for the nutrients and essential minerals to reach the hair follicles through the blood vessels. Stresses can be both short and long term stresses and since it is almost inevitable to escape the short term stresses one must take care of the long term stresses because it can disrupt the sleep of the individual and the eating patterns, thus impeding beard growth as a result. Meditation can be a great way to melt the stress away.

Improving the Diet

A well balanced nutritional rich diet consisting of all the healthy vitamins and minerals along with proper healthy fats and protein is advised not only to people who want to grow beard but each human being in general. Protein is very necessary for beard growth because hair itself is a protein filament. One should incorporate chicken, eggs, pulses, legumes, kale and broccoli in their diet. A good diet will give one’s beard that luxurious appearance.

Taking Supplements

In today’s bus world and monotonous lifestyles it is almost impossible to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals required by the body via food and nutrition which is why it becomes so important to take supplements which would help people fulfill their nutritional deficiencies helping they get a legendary beard. Following all these steps properly can help individuals to grow their beard hair faster and thicker.