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How To Balance Your Work-Life And Live A Happier Life?

Have you been going through an extreme work pressure lately? It has become a common picture in the UK where the majority of workers are found stressed with overwork. If you belong to that section of employees and living your life in hell, it’s time to become strategic. A tired and depressed person will only reduce the quality of work. You have to find out different effective ways to kill the growing stress and enhance your passion towards the work by streamlining deadlines. During this time, you also have to find time for your family to live a happier life as well. Why don’t you do out shopping for new office clothes such as a nice Suit or dress? Often wearing good clothes increases the confidence which directly or indirectly motivates workers.

Here are some tips for balancing your work-life and find the key to a happier life

Opt for flexi timing

A recent study says that for many long commutes is causing depression. If you want to reduce the traffic hassles, talk to your boss about the flexi-timing. You can adjust the time per your own and reach the office when it’s not a rush hour. You can talk about increased productivity with your boss about it and no wonder that person might agree. All you have to do is to stay in the office for the given 9 hours.

Split the break

Think about splitting your 30 minutes break in two to three breaks. Talk to your employer whether they are okay with that because sometimes coming out of the work floor and sipping into your favorite coffee while grabbing some fresh air reduce the extreme work-related stress bugging you. You can also call your child back home and have a word with him or her before you again come and sit at your desk.

Avoid answering after-hours work email

In 2017, France has legalized the ‘right to disconnect’ from the after-work emails. Though there are no such rules in the UK, you can try avoiding the after-hours emails confidently if you have successfully completed the work on time.

Have lunch with your partner

Surprise your spouse or partner by welcoming him or her for lunch. Lunch dates on weekdays are happening. It helps to de-stress a lot in building the blocks that might fall off because of your work pressure.

Join a gym or practice yoga if you want to de-stress and want to live a happier life.