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How Phantom Limb Pain Can Be Halted with an Unlikely Treatment Solution

Phantom pain is a chronic neuropathic condition that affects and interrupts the daily lives of thousands of amputees right across the world. The cause is due to damaged nerves where the limb was amputated creating and sending signals to the brain, as if the limb that was amputated was still there.

Surgery often corrects the issue, but many people like to make use of pre-existing treatments instead of taking the drastic route of surgery, which may not be suitable for all.

Symptoms of the condition include itching, pressure, burning, and twisting at the stump. These feelings can last for a few minutes in some, to days in others, so the problem does vary considerably from person to person.

Pre-existing treatments often produce bad side effects, which can contribute to more problems further down the line. This is why people are turning to cannabis and the potential benefits it can offer them.

Here are the two strains that we recommend you try first. It is hard to generalize, as each person will notice different effects of the same strain.


Harlequin is used by most phantom pain sufferers. This is because of the low psychoactive THC that is present in the strain. The CBD content of the Harlequin strain can reach 11%, so this is the perfect strain for users who don’t want to get high as a result of using cannabis. The sweet fruity flavour is widely appreciated by users and is also perfect for sufferers of anxiety.

Green Crack

Green Crack, despite the name, is very good for phantom limb pain as well. A good additional benefit of this strain is the increase in focus that it offers users, as there is a lot of anecdotal evidence which points to enhanced mental clarity and focus, which is great when you are working. The effects tend to last throughout the day if taken in the morning. Other noticeable effects include an increase in happiness, feelings of euphoria, and improved energy. All in all, this is perfect for people who suffer from fatigue, stress and depression, as well as phantom pain.

If you are looking for more recommendations, ask your local dispensary who will be able to recommend strains for your own personal use. You can check out your nearest location by visiting

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