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How can friends and family help with addiction

The impact which bonding and affection can have on a person can be immense. The reason is that, if the person has a meaningful relationship with anyone then it becomes quite easy to make him feel guilty about the acts in which he is indulging. The condition of involving the family is the last steps which can show some progress in the case of curing addiction for alcohol or even smoking.

In the early stages the people can be deprived of the habits, by taking help of a certain type of chewing gums and alternatives of cigarettes. Nicotine gum is an example of such a product which can help for the same thing. But not every person who is into smoking or drug use wants to get rid of the habit. They boldly accept that they are into smoking or drinking, as they don’t consider it as a bad habit but a necessity after a period of time.

Which type of person can be approached to help someone like this

  • If they have a close relationship with the person. Then they can talk about the ways in which the behaviour of the affected person has changed over time, and how it has affected his life.

  • Ask the person if they are comfortable in doing such thing publicly. As some people might be really very close to you, but they won’t be willing to do anything in public.

  • Some people only build up a relation with a person, if they want anything out of it. So it is quite necessary to firstly know whether they really care about the person and his well being. If not, then they can be excluded from the intervention process.

  • The ones having a positive impact on the life of the person, is to be only involved. Due to the fact that, sometimes negative things itself leads to the person falling into the vicious cycle of drugs and smoking.

It becomes very concerning for the people in the family, as they have to see the person’s deteriorating condition of life as well as health, and they are helpless in doing anything to help him. The process of intervention actually provides them the last opportunity to put all their efforts into taking out their beloved one from the mess.