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Home or Away: Where to Have Your Cosmetic Procedures

A few years back, the idea of having cosmetic surgery abroad in Poland would have caused a cold shiver down anyone’s spin. However, in modern Europe, that has all changed. Medical tourism to Eastern Europe is on the rise with Poland proving to be quite popular. The medics of Easter Europe today are professional and well-trained. In fact, a good number of them probably trained in some of the finest medical schools in the UK or Germany. The best part about going for cosmetic surgery abroad in Poland is that it is quite affordable.

Factors Causing the Rise of Medical Tourism to Poland

Some of the reasons why medical tourism to Poland is on the rise are obvious. For instance, Poland was accepted into the EU a few years back. This has allowed an easier flow of technology and expertise to Poland. Besides that, budget airlines that fly to Poland can now do so with ease, which is supported by increased tourism to Poland. It is especially so for British airlines, which now fly to Poland several times a week.
Another obvious reason is the cost of surgery. In Poland, the price of surgery can be as much as 70% less than what it would cost in the UK. However, you can still expect to get the same level of professionalism. Today, all of Poland’s medical practices are under the EU. It has meant that standards for medical and cosmetic surgery have risen. The era of the dirty backroom, offices where you could risk getting an infection are long gone.
Besides that, the cost of accommodation is quite low in Poland. When the cost of transport, accommodation, and surgery is combined, it is still lower than have it in the UK. As a result, most people go on holiday to Poland, have the surgery, stay there for a few weeks, and then come back home when they have healed. It can be a great way to go on holiday and have that liposuction you have always wanted. Polish doctors are today well-respected throughout Europe. One such service that is respected throughout Europe for its Polish surgeons is

Some Still Have Reservations

Of course, there are those that still argue against plastic surgery. Some claim that it is an unnecessary risk that one should avoid. They claim that even with the best surgeon in the world, it is not worth it since it is for vanity.
However, a growing school of thought argues this is not the case. Cosmetic surgery can alleviate emotional pain, which can help to improve the quality of life for the person. In short, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is an important procedure for those who wish to improve the quality of life and be able to achieve all that they ever wanted due to newfound confidence.
If you are thinking about going under the knife but you feel like you cannot afford it in the UK. Consider going to Poland. There are quality clinics that will ensure you get the procedure just as you wanted at a fraction of the price.