Gym Bag Essentials Checklist: Must Haves for Workout and Recovery 

New to working out and wondering what to bring? Whether you have a Spokane gym membership or you’re taking fitness classes in Spokane, you need to prepare. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to get you through your gym experience.

Water – H2O is the best drink to stay hydrated. Treat it like your buddy wherever you go it goes.

Electrolyte drink- These are other drinks of choice that can help you recover from your workout, replenish lost nutrients, and build lean muscle.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones – Wireless music accessories makes it easier to transport in to different machines and easier to store away in a carrier or your pocket. There are no wires to get tangled on equipment or yourself.

Earbuds- You may need wired earbuds or headphones to plug into treadmills or other equipment to hear the sound from televisions.

Workout playlist – Everyone has their go to songs to get them all pumped up for their workout. Or it may be mellow music to get you in the right headspace and relieves stress.

Extra clothing, cross trainer gym shoes, socks etc – Depending on where you’re coming from or going, you need extra clothing. You may need to change into workout gear after work or change into work clothes before. Even if you plan to go straight home, pack some extra clothing for intense days when you doing want sweat pouring down all over your vehicle seats.

Deodorant, chapstick, soap, lotion etc – Take hygiene products for showers because you know what you like and what your skin can tolerate. You may also need to moisturize dry skin and lips before your workout.

Hair bands, Brush – Keep your hair out of your face while working out.

Towels – Believe it or not there are still gyms that don’t provide towels. Even if they do, there’s nothing like your own. Pack extra for showers, to cover equipment seats, or to wipe away sweat.

Protein, granola, or energy bar – You need a small meal or snack before and/or after your workout. It helps prevent fatigue and improve the quality of your workout.