Health Care

Four proactive ways to stay healthy

Staying healthy and strong is about taking proactive measures to avoid ill health rather than about treating ill health as it arises. For many staying healthy and fit comes naturally, but for others it is not as easy. It is for this reason that products like the FitBit have become so popular and why medical aids are increasingly being proactive in encouraging members to relax, exercise and behave is safe and sensible ways. It all sounds so obvious and simple, but the reality is that it takes a degree of thought and intentionality. If being proactively healthy is something that you would like to be, then here are a few thoughts and ideas to help you get started.

Do the obvious

The old adage that prevention is better than cure has never been truer than it is today. And as obvious as this seems there are so many people who prefer to eschew this advice. If you are not sick and you haven’t been for a while it might seem crazy to go for a flu shot. But you should. Similarly, if you are going to a malaria area arrange prophylaxis. Have HIV tests and get a vivaxim vaccine and make sure that your children get the MMR shots or fluoride supplements when they are young. There are so many things that can be done to prevent down the line disasters, you just have to get up and do them.

Exercise is good

Modern life is very sedentary. There is a lot of sitting around and watching television or staring at computer screens. And there are so many conveniences that detract from mobility. Lifts and cars and escalators and public transport and servants. Fifty years ago, walking 10000 steps in a day would have been regarded as normal, but these days it is considered quite an achievement. It is for this reason that watches and phones now track steps and report back on the degree of physical activity a user has in a day. It is for good reason, the more active you are the fitter you get – and with just walking you hardly even need to break a sweat.

Watch what goes into your body

So much about good health pertains to the substances that you put into your body. These could be food substances, recreational narcotics or more traditional drugs like cigarettes and alcohol. Whatever it is that you put into your body you should be conscious of what it is, what the effects could be. It is no longer just a case of smoking is bad and don’t drink too much. Science has now shown the dangers of more commonly consumed substances like salt and sugar and trans-fats. Be very aware of what goes in, it can all come back to haunt you later.

Build muscle mass

Science has shown that through building and maintain muscle mass that people age better. This is both physically and mentally. So, while walking, as listed above is important, don’t be afraid to do a little bit more as well. Lift some weights perhaps, go to yoga or get a pull-up bar for the house. You are never too old to learn new things and you might just be amazed at how healthy and vital it makes you feel.