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Fine Options for Easy Penis Enlargement

The men are able to do a lot to enlarge their penis size, but they are reluctant to share their complexes and seek medical help. That’s why home methods and exercises for penis enlargement are so popular. Let us remember, however, that these methods are rarely able to replace the achievements of modern medicine. The penis enlargement pills are perfect in this matter. Then there are the other options also.

The Complexity

The complex of a small member is a taboo subject, which is why although more than half of Poles would like to have a greater birth, few report this problem to a sexologist or andrologist. Before they break the resistance, they try on their own to improve their masculinity attribute. However, they do not know that penis size is influenced not only by genetics and belonging to a given breed (the largest penis is the black race, the smallest yellow race), but also by lifestyle and cardiovascular disease.

  • Penis reduction can cause poor blood supply to corpora cavernosa and spongy bodies, as well as obesity. The folds of fat on the belly cause the penis to appear smaller, because part of the segment with cavernous bodies is hidden in adipose tissue. Therefore, anyone who wants to take care not only about the condition, but also about the size of their penis should go on a healthy diet and force the body to constantly move to improve circulation. You can also reach for special sets of exercises for penis enlargement. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that they are effective.

Exercise your Kegel muscles with your wife

Kegel muscle exercises are primarily recommended for women to prevent or treat stress incontinence and enhance their sexual experience. However, it turns out that gentlemen can also reach for them, because they facilitate the blood supply of a member and increase his size during an erection . Where to look for Kegel male muscles? In men they are between the anus and the scrotum. The exercise involves alternating tension and loosening, preferably in a supine position, with your knees bent. The voltage should last 3 seconds and need to be repeated about 40 times a day.


Special weights are available on the market, which are designed to stretch the penis, sexologists do not recommend their use, because they can lead to many side effects, e.g. penis ischemia may occur. However, you can try to stretch the penis without load. The penis at rest must be grasped with the thumb and three fingers, then gently stretched so as not to feel pain and discomfort. The stretched member needs to be held for 15-30 seconds, and then repeated several times. In any case, you need to massage the penis so that normal blood circulation returns. Exercise can be done daily in the shower, when urinating or at bedtime.

Arab method, i.e. jelqing

Stretching exercises are also popular. Jelqing, which resemble masturbation and has its roots in the ancient Arab method of penis enlargement. The man should firmly embrace the base of the member with his hand (it must be semi-hard) and move it towards the glans. Movement should lead to blood growth in the penis and swelling, but should not lead to ejaculation. Exercises performed successively can cause tissue stretching, but you must be careful not to cause abrasions and irritation of the epidermis.