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Factors to Consider When choosing a Contraceptive Method

Choosing the right family planning method can be a difficult task. Most contraceptives at ivf Singapore require the Doctor’s prescription. Contraceptives are effective depending on how they are used. The use of contraceptives gives the couple an opportunity to prepare themselves emotionally and financially before they can decide to have children.

So before you choose a contraceptive method, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The following are some of the factors that you should consider before you choose a contraceptive method.

  1. Effectiveness

Some contraceptives work better than others. The most effective birth control is the one that requires the least effort by you. Examples of such birth control include sterilization, IUDs, and implants. Contraceptives such as pills and patch can be very effective if used correctly and consistently. The bottom line is that the right method is the one that you are comfortable with and willing to use.

  1. Personal preference

When choosing a birth control method, you should consider your personal preference. You should choose a contraceptive that suits your lifestyle. If you are married, try to have a one on one talk with your husband. This is necessary because your husband plays an important role as far as choosing contraceptive is concerned.

  1. Whether it is permanent or temporary

The birth control method that you choose depends on your reproductive goals. If you are planning on having children in the near future, then you should choose a method that is easily stopped or quickly reversible, such as oral contraceptives.

If you would want to have children but not in the near future, IUD may be the ideal contraceptive for you. IUD has a quick return to fertility, but it’s very expensive if you are planning to use it for a short time period. If you are certain that you don’t ever want to have children, you may choose a permanent method such as sterilization.

  1. Convenience and affordability

To some people, convenience means ease of use and no harsh side effects. For others, convenience means no prescription is required. When choosing a birth control method, you should consider how willing you are to plan ahead or if necessary, adhere to a rigid schedule.

Some birth control methods are inexpensive, while there are some which are costly. You can contact your insurance provider to inquire about coverage.

  1. Current health condition

If you have any current cardiovascular problem, then hormonal methods such as birth control pills may not be the right contraceptive for you. Estrogen and ethylestradiol which are the main components of the combination pill can increase the risk of developing blood clots. Hormonal shots such as Depo Provera should not be given to women who have a history of irregular bleeding. Again, IUDs may not be advised for women who have a history of endometriosis.

  1. The side effects

Consider your tolerance for the possible side effects associated with some birth control methods. Contraceptives which has estrogen or progesterone pose more side effects –some of these side effects can be potentially serious than others. You should talk to your health care provider about your medical history and how it might affect your choice of birth control.

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