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Facing Hair Loss: Schedule a Consultation with Hair Transplant Doctor

Are you facing hair loss? Have you transferred the trait genes or are you experiencing a severe form of hair loss? So, it is better to consult with the hair loss Doctor or hair transplant Surgeon in order to get rid of the problem permanently. The pre-procedure consultation is mandatory in which the best hair transplant Doctors evaluate your scalp condition and identify the status of hair loss as well as the available donor area to find the match for providing the best technique of the procedure.

Why is it needed to consult with the best Doctors only?

  • The Best Doctors give the best Treatment: Yes, of course, the best Doctors are those Doctor who meets the required eligibility criteria for performing the hair transplant surgery and have a record of giving the best outcomes. The eligibility criteria can measure the parameters of their received degree, accreditation, recognition, and accolades in the respective field of surgical treatment. The expert Doctor of hair transplantation must possess the plastic & cosmetic surgery degree along with master of surgeries, MS. The evaluation of the scalp should be done carefully as it decides the needed number of grafts that are later extracted either by the FUT or FUE technique, which ultimately decides the success of hair transplantation.
  • The Scalp Evaluation in order to know the Donor area’s health: Before the hair transplant procedure started, it is important to be assessed by the performing Surgeon in order to know the exact health and strength of the donor area. It is the donor area that tells you about the technique preferences and selection because extraction for the graft is done only from the safe donor area that contains the permanent hair roots (DHT-resistive). If a patent possesses a healthy donor area full of hairs, then the Doctor/surgeon can easily allow the FUT technique in which a linear strip is excised for extracting the permanent hair roots. However, the FUT technique gives a desirable number of hair roots to cover the bigger area of the baldness.
  • The Scope of getting the Successful Hair Transplant gets Possible: The hair transplant procedure is the combination of both science and art that requires an extreme artistic sense along with the surgical knowledge that a surgeon must possess. The hair transplant success is all surgeon dependent as even a small mistake during the procedure, especially at the hairline design step and slit making process can cause a great fault in the procedure. Therefore, the selection of Surgeon is a prime concerning job of the patient that must influence the in-depth research & development work.
  • Online Consultation for Hair loss Patients: Nowadays, most of the leading clinics and recognized hair transplant Surgeon provides the facility of an online consultation as well. The online consultation form contains the needed information space which a patient has to fill and mail to the respective clinic. This facility allows both the national & overseas patients to get in touch with their chosen surgeon who arranges the further program based on your evaluation. It is a very quick way to identify the patient’s status and remedy thereafter.


In the nutshell, we can say that choosing the hair transplant Doctor for receiving the procedure is full of research work that must follow by the online and offline medium, where patients share their experience & views regarding the received results, remark and feedback.  

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