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Enhance your lips without surgery

Lip fillers have been around town for a while and surely a lot of you are curious about this new term that has emerged over the past years. This aesthetic procedure has risen to be one of the most popular terms to be looked online by the people of UK. This read is going to fulfil your curiosity so you know what this non-invasive cosmetic procedure is all about and what you can expect from lip fillers London.

Facts about lip fillers:

Many of the lip fillers available are composed of a natural substance Hyaluronic Acid which is a natural substance present in our body too. That is why it is perfectly safe as it doesn’t cause any reaction in our body.

It can retain up to 1000 times more water then its weight and that is why it is a perfect filler for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.

They are perfectly biodegradable, and the body breaks it down over a particular period of time, so the enhancement or change is not permanent.

Are lip fillers safe?

The Hyaluronic fillers are pretty safe compared to the silicon fillers, as the hyaluronic acid is natural and biodegradable. The most amazing thing about lip fillers London is the results are reversable with just one injection.

Lip fillers are almost painless:

The lip filler London treatment is almost painless, well, this may sound unbelievable as it includes injections, so it does cause you some discomfort. As per reviews the discomfort is almost the same as getting your eyebrows done.

Honestly, that’s not much, and worth the results.

Get your lip fillers from a trained practitioner:

In the UK, there are still no strictly set standards and regulations for administration of cosmetic injections; therefore, it’s especially important to see if the injector is qualified. Look up the web for registered aesthetic practitioners on the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) website.  Look for reputable places offering lip filler London and read their clients reviews, check out the pictures posted by the clinic and clients.

Another easy trick to find the best clinic is asking someone with perfect lip fillers for recommendation.

Get consultation:

Before you get any procedure done, get consultation. Meet your cosmetic practitioner and let out your fear and concerns. Ask about their training and qualification, ask about the procedure, how it is done, how much time will it take and what will be injected in your body.

You should also ask about recovery and results. Tell them about any long-term ailments or medications that you are taking also, if you have any allergies.

Moreover, use this opportunity to look around the clinic, meet with the staff and other clients. Notice the cleanliness and hygiene, see the procedure room, too.

The procedure:

Lip filler London is an easy and quick procedure. A numbing cream is used on the treatment area to make the procedure more comfortable. Depending on the look you want to achieve you, the practitioner will design your injecting pattern.

The lips are then massaged to equally distribute the filler and avoid and bumps. You will get it done in just 15 minutes.

What to expect?

The lip fillers London in not very painful you will only feel weird sensations as the filler will move under your skin.

The results:

The results are visible quite quickly. You will be able to see the result immediately after the procedure. Some swelling will appear which will go down in a day or two. Use icepack to reduce swelling and any discomfort.

Its best to go for naturally plum lips and don’t overdo it, as the natural looking lips give your overall appearance a nice touch up.

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