Egg Donation Programs for Texans

Texas egg donation programs help couples with fertility challenges. Through the program, willing women donate their eggs to an egg bank. Here, women having complications can access these eggs providing them a chance of bearing children. The program ensures everyone gets a chance of having children regardless of the fertility status. Notably, overcoming the fertility challenges can be tormenting to willing and dedicated parents-to-be. Through the Texas egg donation program, everyone gets a fair chance in life, and emotional distress associated with lack of children is significantly reduced. Although it is not a solution to the infertility problem, the joy associated with motherhood is experienced by the willing mothers. Below is the procedure used to operate this innovative and trusted egg donation program.

Choosing the Egg Donor

An infertile mother first needs to approach the program with an egg donation request. After the application is approved, one gets a chance to choose a donor by going through a pool of qualified donors. Remarkably, there is a gallery of pictures and videos of all willing donors presented to those seeking egg donation. All other background information of the donor is stored in the program database such as the medical records and family information. As such, the requestor will have confidence when settling for a donor.

The Parent Process

The donor selection and consultation takes place face to face, via Skype, or by phone. The cycles are synchronized after discussions with the requester and the donor to ensure a mutual consent. This way, there is a guarantee that the process will run smoothly. The egg is first retrieved from the donor, and the sperm is also collected from the intended father. They are then temporarily stored in an egg and sperm bank respectively. The fertilization process is then done under ideal laboratory conditions whereby an embryo is created and then implanted to the requestor. After about two weeks, a pregnancy test is conducted to confirm the success of the process. If unsuccessful, another embryo can be implanted using a sperm and egg fusion from similar individuals.

Cost of the Process

The prices of this parenting process will vary depending on the chosen options and the package. There are numerous packages, starting at about $9, 140 up to around $15,000.

The Donation Experience

Once the process is complete, the woman will go through the normal pregnancy experience after which normal delivery takes place. Afterward, normal parenthood takes place which puts a bundle of joy to the infertile parents.

In a nutshell, if you are seeking to get receive an egg, you can visit The Donor Solution. Through this program, the hopes of parenthood for infertile couples will be restored.

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