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Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work For A Longer Term?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an effective way to reduce weight. Although to ensure a long term success, patients need to follow certain lifestyle changes and adapt to best practices. Regular appointments with your surgeon are necessary even after the surgery is done. They will guide you and suggest the best ways to retain weight loss and get maximum results out of the procedure for the long term.

Apart from the regular visits, meet your surgeon if you face any complications after surgery. Do not become complacent and don’t stop making follow-up visits to your surgeon. If you have also gone under a gastric sleeve surgery in West Texas, follow these tips for a long term success:

Follow a proper diet: Improving your eating habits as suggested by the doctor is the first lifestyle change to make after the gastric sleeve surgery. You will have to maintain the quantity of food intake as well as the type of food you eat. Consult a nutritionist if necessary.

Make exercise a habit: Track your performance while exercising. It will keep you motivated and slowly you will imbibe exercise as a part of your life and not just an activity. Get into the right mindset and exercise regularly to maintain the excess weight loss.

Pick up a hobby: Take up a hobby that keeps you active and engaged. When you start getting pleasure from something else than the food, you tend to eat less and also eat healthily.

Build a strong support system: Join weight loss support groups and get inspired by the stories of other bariatric surgery patients. Also seek emotional support from friends, family, and close ones. Reach out to someone you trust every time you have doubts or issues regarding your weight loss. Support groups also reinforce positive lifestyle changes for long term effects of weight loss surgery.

Take care of your psychological health: Avoid stressful encounters and steer clear from scenarios that make you anxious. Practice self-care and avoid stress eating. If you feel that you are unable to handle your stressful situations yourself, there is no embarrassment in consulting a psychologist.

When you undergo a gastric sleeve surgery in West Texas, make sure that you keep in mind the above tips to ensure a long term success with weight loss. If you do so, there will be no need for follow-up surgery and you will stay healthy for a longer time.